Slot machines with linked or networked progressive jackpot

Slot machines with linked or networked progressive jackpot

A linked progressive jackpot is a slot machine that is on a network. This means that this machine can not only be played in one particular casino, but in many different ones.

The prerequisite is that the casino works with this software developer. As a result, there is a wide variety of players who can use this slot machine.

The following description explains why this is an advantage: a certain percentage of every stake in a slot with a progressive jackpot always moves into the pot. This increases it continuously. This goes so far that there are slots with progressive jackpots that promise a profit worth several million euros.

The more this slot machine is played, the higher the jackpot grows. It is therefore important that a slot with a progressive jackpot is integrated into the largest possible network.

If a player manages to crack this pot, he receives the total amount that is included  in a free mobile casino. It is possible to generate a profit of several million euros with the investment of a few cents.

Progressive jackpot slot

The slot machine with progressive jackpot described above is also available as a stand-alone progressive slot. This means that this slot machine has a progressive jackpot, but is not connected to other casinos and slot machines. As a result, the profit increases continuously, but not at the same level as with a slot machine that is located in a network.

Because then only the bets that customers make in this casino count. As a result, quite high winnings are also possible, but not as high as with a slot machine in a network. Incidentally, a strategy cannot be used to influence whether the jackpot is hit. Because slots belong to the game of chance and therefore the result cannot be influenced.

Casinos with Progressive Jackpots

Online slot machines with stacked wilds

Stacked Wilds is a wild symbol that works similarly to a joker. When it is on the reel, it grows larger and spreads over the fields that are adjacent. Thus, a stacked game can fill the entire roll.

Sometimes, however, only a part of the image is filled. How this works depends on the online slot machine you choose, for example

This is a feature that is still relatively new. The Stacked Wild symbols thus replace the symbols that are missing to complete a winning combination. Because not just one wild symbol appears, but several at the same time, this feature offers a significantly greater chance of winning than a single symbol.

Online casino slots with multipliers

Multipliers are a function that increases profit as it is multiplied. Not all online casino slot machines offer this feature. Winnings can not only be doubled, but also multiplied by a factor of 100 or 1000. There are different types of multipliers:

  • Multipliers in base rounds
  • Multipliers during the free spins phase
  • Multipliers in bonus rounds

While some multipliers will multiply your winnings, there are others who will increase your stakes. Most of the time, a multiplier is a specific symbol that must appear on the reel in order for the value of the payline to be multiplied. However, multipliers can also occur in other forms, this depends on the slot machine.

Online slots with bonus rounds and bonus games

Bonus rounds add even more fun and excitement to an online casino slot. Many players choose their slots so that they have as many bonus rounds as possible. However, the bonus rounds must not be confused with free spins.

Strictly speaking, this is a function in which there is a small mini game in which money can be won in another way. For example, on some slot machines you have to play roulette or spin a wheel of fortune. You can generate a higher profit through the bonus rounds. They are also particularly exciting.

Casino slot machines with scatter bonus

Scatter symbols are mostly the symbols that are most popular with players. Because they bring the player a bonus when he appears on the reel. You also don’t have to be on a payline to win.

It is enough if they just find themselves somewhere on the roller. Then there are mini-games, free spins or a bonus. A scatter symbol is also a very high quality symbol and it is represented by a special graphic on most slot machines.

In order for it to function, most online slot machines must have a certain number of scatter symbols. How much this is exactly and what there is then is explained in the pay table of the respective slot machine.

Casino slot machines with additional functions

Depending on the slot machine, there are numerous other features that can also occur. A popular feature that can also appear on a casino slot machine is free games.

When there are which free spins depends on the respective slot machine. Very often, for example, there are free spins when the scatter symbol appears on the reel at least twice.

Even during the free spins phase, it is possible that further free spins will be paid out. A player can play for free for a very long time until the free spins are used up.

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