Smart Betting Predictions That You Go For Now

Smart Betting Predictions That You Go For Now

In recent years the tipster fashion has spread, that is, the one who sells or gives predictions. However, it must be underlined that the reality of things is very different from how it is often described or presented, in betting it is not at all easy to bring home money.

Too many times, those who sell information, do not care in the least to protect the reader, but only aim to make him take the hook to sell him a subscription, or worse, an affiliation to an AAMS bookmakers.

How to find a winning Tipster

Winning tipsters

Although we do not consider myself a phenomenon in any way, we have demonstrated something in these years and we can safely say that 95% of the tipster are not successful at all and of the remaining 5% only a few have constant returns over time.

For this reason, before “investing” on an informant, you should, at a minimum, make numerous and scrupulous checks.

  • Evaluate first of all what types of 먹튀 predictions it proposes, if it proposes multiple and various nonsense it is already a warning signal, evaluate which markets it specializes in, evaluate the average odds, evaluate its reference bookmakers, but above all evaluate how much its impact affects play on the closing odds , preferably by a top level operator like Pinnacle, because we have already explained to you, with indisputable facts, how bookmakers really behave .
  • There are some precautions to understand if a Tipster is prepared and credible. The most important of all is certainly the ability to condition a quota , for this reason it is essential to understand if, when an informant sends a prediction to his readers, the quota is affected or not.
  • If a tipster beats the closing odds with a certain continuity it means that he is an influential bettor and most likely winning in the long run.

Make the Tipster for economic convenience

We have been online since 1 January 2014 and from the first day we have always said very clearly what we thought about bookmakers and the social betting tips pages, just go to the editorial section and you will find very old articles that already explained then what in England is become a case of great relevance.

Revealed: tipsters deliberately recommend losing bets to punters , this is the title of The Guardian dated 14 September 2017. Even the British Broadcasting Corporation, better known by the abbreviation BBC, a few months earlier dedicated an important editorial by  Kate Lamble entitled  The social media tipsters who win when you lose , if you understand the Anglo-Saxon language we advise you to read them all in one breath, it is absolutely worth it.

What the articles talk about:

Simple of a colossal scam for which the government has also moved in England, we told you these same things in 2015, you remember the article  we bet you but also no , it was October 31 2015, do not you think that both the BBC and The Guardian, speaking of tipsters who advise losing predictions for their personal gain, of commissions up to 40% on losses, of multiple social accounts aimed at the scam, have taken up a speech we have treated 2 years before, now everything is clearer, but then we remember the hysterical reactions to my article, especially by the fans of Ci Bet that they have not yet learned anything since with his Instagram account he continues to do the same game then .

David Lockhart