Step by Step Process to Become A Mobile App Developer

Step by Step Process to Become A Mobile App Developer

Mobile apps are more popular than ever, and it is growing exponentially. According to Statista (a company specializing in market and consumer data), mobile apps generated around $189 billion in revenues in 2020. And it is projected to reach $510.39 billion by 2022. Many companies are trying to tap the advantage of this trend, many do not know how to invest in mobile application development. You will be amazed to know that an app developer’s average base salary is $97k per annum; this number is mind-boggling and is one of the prominent reasons why many graduates are opting for Mobile Application Development as a career. But despite all the benefits, you must understand that becoming a mobile application developer is hard. However, if you follow all the steps correctly mentioned below, you can become one:

Choose A Platform- It is one of the most important things to choose. There are various platforms out there. Famous ones are Android, iOS, and Windows, you can go for all the three major platforms or choose one. It is advisable to go for one platform as it will help you to channel your energy and resources to one thing. Thus, the first stepping stone for your journey to becoming a developer is choosing a platform iOS apps or Android apps.

Get the Required Knowledge- This is perhaps the most important point to note. To become a successful mobile app developer, you need to get formal training and education in software development processes. For a strong foundation, it is advisable to have a degree in computer science and software engineering. But even if you have a degree and are still struggling where to begin with, you can opt for online courses online on YouTube and various other platforms.

Master Three Areas- To succeed as a mobile developer, you need to master the below steps to succeed.

  • Mobile user interface design
  • Programming
  • Business Requirements

Interface Design- It is said that everything starts with an idea, and in mobile application development, it all starts with the interface Mobile Applications Design . Being able to code a user-friendly and interactive interface sets a launchpad for your career growth trajectory.

  1. Programming- Programming ability is all about your ability to make logic and translate those algorithms into efficient codes. The person who thinks critically and understands the logic can pick up any language he wants.
  2. Business Expertise- This is an important aspect if you want to generate revenue in the long run. Frankly, you need to make users spend more time on your app and put features available for a price.

Look for Internship- Internship is the perfect way to learn all about how a project is organized and implemented. You also get to work on real life projects and understand the android app design  ( diseño de apps android). Also, an internship serves as the recommendation for your first job as an app developer.

Becoming a veteran mobile app developer from ground zero is a difficult road. The journey will be long, but you are motivated and inspired enough to get there soon.

David Lockhart