Steps to choose the right 3D business letters

Steps to choose the right 3D business letters

Most of the business owners choose 3D letters for their business because it is readable, attractive and versatile. The letters are made with materials that are environment friendly and can be used both for indoor and outdoor purpose.  You can get the best 3D letters done from American sign letters to create your brand image. 3D letters are one of the best choices to improve your brand, expand your marketing campaigns and its visibility to the targeted customers.

Though it is true that 3D signs are versatile but it is also challenging to execute. To enhance your business visibility, the sign letters that you choose should not only be readable but versatile but it should also portray the right image of your business. You can get the sign letters that you have always wanted from American sign letters because they provide custom built letters and signs exclusively as per the needs of the clients.

Steps to choose the right 3D business letter:

You need to create a positive impression on the minds of your customers. Therefore, the sign letters have be chosen keeping in mind different factors. The style and material of the letter, the type and the thickness of the letter will play an important role in deciding the right 3 lettering for your business.

  • The type of business letter– 3D Lettering is basically of two major types: Channel lettering and Dimensional lettering. Channel lettering is used for illuminated signs unlike the dimensional signs. The latter is used for both outdoor and indoor signage. The channel letters are done with a special lightning effect to give a 3D look.
  • The material used for the letter– 3D lettering is made up of variety of materials. One of the attractive materials used by American sign letters is the plastic material which is beautifully painted (plaques, vinyl, PVC, Acrylic) to give a versatile look. For the purpose of interior signage, the metals are the best choice which includes brass, aluminum, bronze, stainless steel etc. Another light weight material used for sign letter purpose is the letter foam.
  • Style of the 3D sign letters– There are different styles to play with when choosing 3D signs for your business. It can be back painted, front painted or it can be lighted. Digital printing is one of the exclusive styles used for 3D Signage. This style is particular synonymous where you need to portray a lot of details.

If you have any questions on 3D signage, you can American sign lettersfor all your queries and they will eagerly give you a lot of ideas on sign letters.

Clare Louise