Style Stalker – The Fedora

Style Stalker – The Fedora


Famous (and infamous) faces have historically been drawn to the fedora. The felt hat has been the accessory of choice for dapper dressers ranging from Bogart to Biggie. While traditionally the fellas laid claim this style of chapeau, recently lots of ladies have taken this trend and scampered with it.

No matter if it’s a trilby or pork-pie (while technically not true fedoras, they’re similarly shaped), the celebs with the best taste tend to stick to classic colors: black, brown, and grey. Mary-Kate went film noir in 2005 when she wore her black fedora with Ray Ban sunglasses and an equally inky outfit. Mischa’s fawn-colored fedora is the proverbial cherry on a great outfit (in fact, Katherine’s been saving this picture for a year—she loves it so). The whole ensemble is kinda Kate Moss, kinda music festival, and kinda fantastic.

Lohan’s been riding the Fedora Express (toot, toot) for all of 2007. Generally, she favors a traditional black one, but has been known to rock them in ivory and tan. She’s seen here leaving Parc in May wearing one and sported a variation of this hat Tuesday night at Winston’s.

As for the future of this trend, we think the loitering will continue at least through Spring 08. In support of this argument, we give you former Model of The Moment, Agyness Deyn. Seen here on Wednesday in London, Deyn is a good barometer of what’s to come as she walked in just about every Fall 07 show (like Dior, Hermes, and Cavalli), so she’s in tune with what’s next from designers.

If you’re in the market for a fedora, we’d like to direct you to a couple of options. The first is Urban’s Parker Wool Fedora ($28, It comes in heather grey and a mustardy-tan color, both with grosgrain ribbon detailing. Another option is Eugenia Kim’s black Craig fedora which features black leather trim with metallic studding ($259,


Nicholas Jansen