Stylish Crystals: Check These 7 Modern Ways To Incorporate Glass In Your Home!

There is something undeniably magical about having glasses inside your abode. Whether you have glass balcony panels, glass chandeliers, glass tables, or whatever item you have at home made of glass, this material is just too beautiful and glamorous. This decorative feature can add new touch and mystery to traditional furniture, lighting fixtures, or sculptures.

The versatility of having a glass wall, window, or sliding glass door in Singapore allows you to have a borderless abode that gives you stunning visuals with a sense of space and harmonises with its environs.

Below are some ways to use glass in a modern home.


While wooden and steel doors remain the top-tier choice, getting a sliding glass door in Singapore can add extravaganza, style, and light to your living area. If you don’t feel glass doors, you may opt for the workable option and install frosted glass instead. You may consult architectural glass experts to help you choose good glass designs for your porch and other areas of your home.

Also, a sliding glass door in Singapore is typical in modern homes. Aside from its convenience, it also forms a more spacious abode, as glasses have the power to create an illusion of space.


Besides the sliding glass door in Singapore, another good idea is to use a glass table or desk. Doing so can add an elegant, sophisticated look to your modern home interior design. It can be clear, frosted, or coloured. You can place a sound and television here, and it will still look stunning.


A sliding glass window in Singapore is also another best bet! Less maintenance and cleaning, and very easy to clean! Glass windows can offer a small price to pay but can give you elegant results.


Glass curtain walls in Singapore are also another unique to stylise your home. You can add this to your living area, kitchen, or dining room, as a separation wall to your walk-in closet and bedroom, or anywhere else for more privacy at home. But the best bet is in the kitchen, as the modern kitchen is now trendy.


A shower screen in Singapore is also becoming more rampant day by day. Many people are raving about glass shower walls or doors because of their look, feel, and ease of cleaning. Just have a soft cloth, water, and a mild cleaning solution, and you’re good to go!


Glass balcony panels are another worthy home investment. A common misconception about glass balustrades is that it’s easy to break, hard to maintain, and delicate. However, the durability of glasses is just as constant as those of metal- and wooden-made. Moreover, it comes in handy during windy days, as glasses prevent the breeze from passing, keeping you warm.


Lastly, glass tiles are another incredible way to add style, texture, and colour to your modern home besides the glass balcony panels. However, one downside of glass tiles is they are hard to maintain compared to other hard surfaces, such as ceramic and porcelain tiles.

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Edward Powell