Technology And Communication

Technology And Communication

The increase in technology has enabled people to live comfortable lives with little or no stress involved. People now get useful tasks and information with little or no pressure. You can check the weather app on your mobile phone before preparing for work, and you get information and current news on your television as you take your coffee, you can even exchange greetings with friends and colleagues over the social media. The technological transformation is experienced on all sides of life, with many firms monetizing technology and incorporating them into our personal lives. Nowadays, we can give instructions to an empty room courtesy of Alexa. All these were not possible 20 years ago, they were seen as impossible or fiction and were dismissed, but we can see them evidently in our daily lives.

Technology has advanced so much that even for you to read this article, you need to have access to a technological device. The complexities of technology are things to unravel to appreciate the beauty and dual nature of technology. The possibilities technology brings to our businesses and corporations are endless and positive. It gives us connections to various people, convenience, and collaboration with like-minded people. Nevertheless, in granting us access to these things, digital technology robs us of face to face communication skills. Our reliance on digital technology might be having adverse effects on us even when it seems we can’t do without it.

Timesaving And Technology

With technology comes increased efficiency as any IT consultant will tell you. From the comfort of our desks, we can start conversations just by striking some buttons on our phones. Meeting friends and colleagues can be done at an instant, without need to go on a long journey. This practical, time-saving communication skills, on the other hand, is slowly replacing the place of person to person communication. This is not healthy as there are things that would need physical interaction to understand.

Technology And Misinterpretation

Technological means of communication can be beneficial in forms of emails, chats, and texts but are passive communication channels. Various people can misinterpret digital communication. When someone sends a message on capslock, it might be mistaken for being mad or shouting. When someone talks with short words, you might misinterpret it as a brush off. Eye to eye contact is needed for effective communication. When communication is not passed well, we create a breach in the discussion. As a result of structured framework for innovation, online communication is being conveyed through the screen, and this might make them lose the contextual meaning of the information.

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