The best Choices for the Perfect Bookmaker Works

The best Choices for the Perfect Bookmaker Works


In general, even if you want to become a professional in the future, you still need to get used to it first by playing in several offices just like that, in small amounts. This is necessary to understand the mechanism of the bookmaker. This way you can avoid stupid mistakes when playing professionally in the future.

Avoid huge express trains

Expresses are one of the main sources of income for 먹튀검증 bookmakers. The opportunity to risk a small amount and at the same time to win a large sum in the long run is very attractive, but in this case the game will more likely resemble an attempt to hit the jackpot in the lottery than a game on a bookmaker. Beginners often sin by composing “locomotives” with a coefficient of 20, 30, and so on ad infinitum. But the greater the coefficient of express is, the less its cross the more events in the express train are, even if they are highly likely, the greater the likelihood that something will not play. Sport is an unpredictable thing. Expresses from 2-5 events with coefficients 2.0-5.0, depending on the bookmaker, are considered the most combat-ready. 

In terms of making money on bets everything looks very simple: put on a favorite, waited for victory, received money, and along the way also cheered for your favorite team. Sports betting does not seem like a gamble – rather, a dispute with the bookmaker about who plays better. And what does he understand in football!

From the Editor: muddy affairs

When we were preparing this article, we broke up two lawyers trying to figure out if there was a violation of the law in the actions. On the one hand, Alexey plays on sites blocked in the country and may violate the rules of betting systems, as viewed from their side. On the other hand, he also plays with bookmakers whose interests are not represented in this country, while not violating this country laws. When asked about taxes, the expert answered that from all his taxable income in this country, bookmakers pay the statutory tax. 

Respect and respect

Of course, we wrote this article so that you never play with bookmakers, but just in case we must warn you: you yourself are responsible for the consequences of your decisions, relations with the state and bookmakers. Take care of yourself in every way.

Unfortunately, in bets everything is like in a casino: sometimes you guess the winner and win a lot of money, but at a distance the office will return everything to itself and leave you in the red. This is inherent in the very idea of ​​bookmaking: no one will accept your truly unprofitable bet.


Nicholas Jansen