The course of a blackjack round: what you need to know?

The course of a blackjack round: what you need to know?

As soon as you start playing at Bandarqq casino, the round starts, and you will receive two cards. The dealer also wins two cards: one face up and one face down. If the face-up card is an Ace or a card equivalent to 10 points, the dealer can take a look at the 2nd card to see if he has a blackjack. At this point, if you or the dealer does not have 21 points on the first cards, you have to do the next step. It is important at this point that you look closely at your cards and your opponent’s to decide with which strategy you are going to approach the problem. 


After checking your cards, if you think you are satisfied with your score, you can stay and not ask for more cards. It is the most common option when you already have a combination that is between 18 and 20 points.


If you think your card values ​​are too low, you can ask for one more card. This is an action that you can repeat until you decide to make the stand official or have a bust.


Doubling the bet is a relatively common move and we see several characters doing it riskily in Hollywood movies. Normally the rules only allow you to double your bet when your score is 9, 10 or 11. There are other variants of online blackjack that you can always double. This act has consequences. If your game is not good, you will also lose twice. We recommend that you leave this option for when you are really sure that doubling is the right move.


Did you get two identical cards with the same score? You can order the split by dividing your game in two. However, you will have to place a second bet identical to the original on the other hand. That is, you split the game but double the bet. So when should you order the split? If you have two cards of equal value, do not ask for any more cards if the score of these cards is higher than 12. The odds of seeing a 10-point card are still high.


Whenever the card the dealer turns over is an Ace, you can ask for insurance. With this you always guarantee half your bet. That is, if you bet $ 10 and you have a chance to ask for insurance, if you lose the bet you will lose only $ 5. The truth is that mathematics proves that in the long run, bettors lose more than they earn with this insurance. Buying insurance each time is not recommended either.


David Lockhart