The Dangers Of Painting Over Mold 

The Dangers Of Painting Over Mold 


While painting over mold seems like a good idea to you, it is definitely far from the best. Painting over mold is more like ignoring the problem and postponing the consequences rather than deal with it. The best approach to mold is to get professional mold remediation services Birmingham Alabama

Why Isn’t Painting Over Mold A Good Idea?

As stated earlier, paint only hides the ugly mold spores from view but does not kill them. The mold continues to spread under the paint and this could result in legal or/and health troubles for you and your household members. In the end, you end up spending more than you would have done had you removed the mold properly in the first place.

What About Mold-Proof Paint?

Yes, mold-proof paint is effective in PREVENTING the growth of mold, not eliminating it. This means that mold-proof paint is only effective if there wasn’t mold growing already on your walls. If there is, don’t count on the paint to kill them as it does not work that way.

Thus, before you apply this paint, be sure to first do a mold check and ascertain that your home is mold-free. Only then should you apply the paint. If there is mold growing in the house already, procure professional mold remediation services Birmingham Alabama before you continue with the painting.

Solve the Underlying Problem Not the Symptoms

While mold is a problem on its own, it is also a sign that there is a bigger problem of moisture in your home. Mold needs warmth and humidity to thrive. So, if you find them in your home, it means that the humidity level in your home is too high.

A high humidity level in turn could point to bigger problems such as a leaking pipe or a less than standard or faulty ventilation system. In essence, to completely eradicate the problem of mold in your home, you should track down the underlying problems and get rid of them.

Avoid Legal Problem

Some people tend to focus more on aesthetics rather than be pragmatic about issues concerning mold. This drives them to paint over mold rather than deal with it. This however not only opens them to increased future expenses down the line but also makes them legally vulnerable.

If one sells a house with a mold problem and fails to mention the problem to the buyer but rather covers it up with paint, the buyer could sue the former owner upon discovery of the mold for endangering his health.

Also, a former homeowner could also be sued for the additional expenses that the new owner has incurred in dealing with a mold problem. After all, the previous owner never disclosed the mold problem to the new owner, and the expenses incurred by the latter wasn’t accounted for during negotiations on buying the house.

To avoid further problems, it is best you handle the problems now rather than later. The damages mold and their underlying causes wreak on your home tend to be incremental as time goes by. So, get the best mold remediation services Birmingham Alabama NOW!


Bonnie Baldwin