The Finer Choices for the Best Astrology

The Finer Choices for the Best Astrology

Astrology can help people choose the best possible way of life. It allows you to identify the trials experienced in your life and interpret them as best you can, in order to evolve “spiritually”. Astrology participates in the happiness of the individual. The advice she can give you is valuable. It will move you forward and improve your contacts with others.

First step in astrology: his birth chart

In order to best realize your horoscope, there are several steps to follow. First, develop your birth chart. It is an illustrated map of the heavens at the time of your birth (be careful, the time of your birth is important) with astrological figures. On the internet it is possible to find some free applications allowing you to build your birth chart. If you are a Taurus then you can have the Taurus Daily Horoscope now.

Then ask a professional to make you a personalized horoscope, it will be much more accurate than the horoscope that you can read in the newspapers. Because it will be written taking into account your personal data: dates of birth, time of birth, planets, etc. This horoscope will be specific.

Then consult a professional astrologer to discuss the issues that bother you. Thanks to your birth chart, he will enlighten you. With an hour, a date and a place of birth an astrologer can analyze everything. Some of the best astrologers in delhi can guide you in all spheres of life be it career, relationship or health

Astrology: a relationship between Heaven and Earth

Astrology studies the relationship between the movements of the sky and terrestrial events. The influence of the motion of the planets is verifiable, if only by observing the physical influences of the moon or the sun on the Earth. If the movement of the stars influences our planet, it influences living beings just as much.

  • From now on astrology concentrates around a zodiac, twelve signs, two luminaries (moon, sun) and planets. It is important to know that there is a relationship between the astrological symbolism and the mythological symbolism. It is therefore part of our heritage and our unconscious. We cannot deny its existence and what is your level of knowledge in Astrology
  • All the interest of astrology lies in the fact that it remains neutral, it is not judgmental. Its role is to observe the constant relationships between things visible in nature. It’s knowledge based on observation.
  • Observation begins with the vision of repetitive cycles: day and night. One would not exist without the other. Then, the astrologer will establish correspondences, the night the silence reigns, the nature rests, while the day everything is animated again. Then comes the symbolic approach, the night is assimilated to a phase of inactivity while the day is compared to a more mobile phase.
  • We thus perceive that the influence of the movements of the heavens on the Earth, the cycles, etc. punctuate our daily life.

The Result

As a result we can easily understand that astrology only becomes interesting if it is applied on a daily basis. Hence the interest is of reading his horoscope every day or asking for a personalized horoscope regularly. Indeed, the influence of the planets is permanent, therefore, if you want to get advice still relevant, so do not hesitate to practice astrology daily. Or at least, to ask the help of a professional astrologer to put us on the track and make us understand some signs.

Edward Powell