The Formula To A Perfectly Optimized Landing Page

Part of the digital marketing efforts businesses are implementing is a landing page. It is a page whereinterested customers are directed after clicking a link from your marketing campaign. It contains details ofthe product or service you are offering. Companies implementing digital marketing PH usethis method to conversions and increase their sales. 

However, creating a landing page that can gain more conversions from customers is a challenge as itneeds to be thoroughly conceptualized and consistently optimized to meet its conversion goals. 

According to a report by Hubspot, only 48% of marketers make new landing pages for each of theirmarketing campaigns; however, about 52% of companies and agencies test their pages to find ways toimprove conversion results.

Consequently, many businesses opt to partner with companies that offer outsource digital marketing Philippines to help them execute the essential elements of an optimized landing page and improvetheir conversion results. 

Improving your landing page should start with your page’s design and appearance. About 52% of visitorsdo not return to a site because of poor aesthetics. So, picking a color that promotes positive ideas orsentiments among consumers can help you gather more prospectors to visit the page. 

Subsequently, your page’s layout, visual cues, contents, and call-to-action button should also be optimizedto help customers focus their attention on the information of your product. Properly laid visual cues willdeliver your marketing message to consumers. Accordingly, your landing page should containtestimonials and social proof. Approximately 70% of consumers trust reviewers. 

Prospectors also consider a page’s loading speed and navigation when trying to read information about aproduct or make a purchase. A one-second delay in loading can lower conversions by 7%. So, investing intools that will let you test your website speed and identify the causes of slow loading speed. Moreover,keeping all the landing page elements, such as product explanation, benefits, testimonials, and call-to-action buttons, on a single page has been found to increase conversions. 

Improving every element of your landing page can increase your conversion rate and achieve your salesgoals. Understanding your target audience’s nature can also help you optimize your page according totheir liking. This infographic by TopSEOs shows the formula to a perfectly optimized landing page.
The Formula to a Perfectly Optimized Landing Page

Bonnie Baldwin