The Modern Shell Chair

The Modern Shell Chair

If you are looking for a comfortable lounging chair in which you can sink in and just watch the television, then has come up with just the right furniture for you.

This eccentric shell chair is designed by one of the most renowned furniture designers of the 120th century. Hans J. Wegner had manufactured this particular chair with love and precision that makes it one of the most sleek-looking lounge chairs you will ever find in the market.

The shell chair is made from the fine molding of veneered plywood which is accessorized with a 100%, top quality aniline-dyed leather upholstery from Italy as its seat and back cushion. These cushions are fluffy, soft and will help you relax with ultimate comfort and ease.

Moreover, this particular shell chair is perfect if you are looking for a chair that will stand out in the crowd. So, if you are looking for a new addition to your living room or your office. This can be a furniture item that will intrigue every single person that will visit you.

This chair is exemplary of Hans J Wegner’s expertise in the precision of his work whether it is in architecture or cabinetmaking. He has worked up to par to provide its users with an item that is not only perfect in comfort and ease but also in self-life and reliability.

Customize your Shell Chair:

The manufacturers have totally kept their customer’s utility at the top of their list! If you do not find the standard black cushions of the chair or if it contradicts with the vibe you are trying to create in a particular space, no problem! Each piece that you buy from EM gives you the ability to personalize the item according to your requirements!

You can choose different materials for the shell chair cushion as well as their colors. The materials you can choose from include cashmere, cowhide, Aniline Vivo, linen and vintage. Some of the colors you can choose from include black, brown, grey, red, blue, white, yellow and much more!

Moreover, you can even change the color of the veneer! How amazing is that? The company gives you full control of the chair you want to accessorize your office, living room or bedroom. It is all in your hands.

Since you can customize these chairs according to your requirements, it requires approximately 8-12 weeks for manufacturing and delivering.


The chair, as we have discussed earlier, is made from pressure molded veneer in addition to rosewood, natural oak or a walnut finish. Whereas, the cushions are made from pliant urethane foam and the upholstery is made from leather or fabric. Moreover, all the materials used in the manufacture are resistant to fire. Also, they are non-toxic which makes it safe to be used is you have babies in your home.


Chair Dimension: 36.25 inches x 32.75 inches x 29.25 inches.

Seat Height: 14 inches.


EM gives you a One Year warranty on all the factory errors and further awards you a Five Year Warranty on all the furniture parts to ensure the durability of their product.


If there is one thing that EM does not compromise on, it is the reliability and high-quality of their products. So if you have your eyes on this particular chair and you are contemplating whether to buy it or not. We hope this article is helpful for you to make the decision. It is certainly clear that this is one of the most customer-friendly products you can order these days.

So do not wait and order now!

Paul Petersen