The Motion Sensor Lights and the Secrets of Their Popularity

The Motion Sensor Lights and the Secrets of Their Popularity

Separately, it is worth dwelling on attaching a lighting lamp with a sensor since the coverage of the territory depends on this. With rotary models, it will be possible to easily adjust the positioning of the device already after its installation. If you choose a device with a one-piece body, then you will not get such “freedom” of placement.

In such cases, an optimal calculation of the installation location of the led lamp with a sensor is required. Both the angles of coverage and the area of ​​the detector’s working area are taken into account, which will ensure its correct operation. Sometimes it is advisable to install wide-angle models that “take” horizontally 360 degrees, vertical 30 degrees. Note that, despite such impressive opportunities, they also have blind spots.

Main installation locations

In addition to the already specified installation locations of motion sensor light indoor, very often motion detection luminaires are installed in the following locations:

  • In corridors and stairs
  • In bedrooms and offices at the entrance In the toilet and bathroom
  • On loggias and mezzanines
  • In kitchens, wardrobes, and dressing rooms.

You can enumerate indefinitely, and you can install them anywhere, as long as your imagination is enough since there are both autonomous and network lamps.

Which One Should You Choose?

The BLS T401 closet light is a super bright light with 200 Lumens. Both the motion sensor and light beams are adjustable to get optimal lighting effect. It is built with the latest 4000mAh UL certified rechargeable battery. Each charge lasts up to 6 months. The slide switch is easy to use for both seniors and the young. Very convenient to use the light as it turns on automatically when you come close to it. With 18 months warranty, the BLS T401 Motion Sensor Light is over best value product.

Best System Making

Systems are demanding on the location. It makes no sense to place them where, for example, they will be partially or completely covered by columns, walls, pillars, and other architectural objects. When mounting the sensor on a vertical flat wall, it should be borne in mind that its sensitivity is greatest in the horizontal plane, when the object of the “protected” zone crosses from right to left and in the opposite direction. It must be remembered that all detectors are designed for a certain connection power.

The microclimate parameter where the operation of the pendant LED lamp is planned is also subject to consideration. If it is necessary to install the sensor in warehouses, freezers, it is worth remembering that they can operate at temperatures down to -20 degrees. If we are talking about hot workshops, then the corresponding indicator should not exceed +40 degrees.

To eliminate the likelihood of false alarms, the detectors are not recommended to be placed on vibrating bases, near air conditioning systems, ventilation that can distort the thermal picture of the space. Experts recommend not mounting sensors next to white walls or polished surfaces due to incorrect work with them.

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