The Six Step Guide to Pallet Wrapping

Luckily for customers and consumers across the country more and more companies are choosing to pallet wrap their products for storage and transportation, ensuring that they can get to their end destinations in as good quality as possible! With this is mind if you are a business owner now looking to pallet wrap, we don’t blame you. This one tiny change could in fact make a huge difference to your company!

The best thing is, pallet wrapping doesn’t even have to be hard! Read on to find out how to pallet wrap in the best and most efficient ways…

Determine best pallet size – Firstly you need to determine what size pallet you are going to need to accommodate the products that you would like to wrap. You should try to find a pallet that is the exact size of the products that you would like to pack because if your pallet is too big or small there is a higher chance of the shrink film tearing and becoming damaged.

Stack your products – You then need to stack your products on your chosen pallet, as compactly together as possible to ensure that there is minimal chance of the products moving and becoming loose when wrapped. Before you do this you should make sure that your pallet is in a location where you can access it from all sides and are able to walk all the way round your stacked pallet.

Select the right equipment – Now it is time to choose the best pallet wrapper solutions – You have two options, to hand-wrap your load or to use a high quality pallet wrapping machine which can wrap pallets faster and more efficiently. Those that are going to have to wrap pallet loads regularly should ensure that they purchase or hire pallet wrapping machines to assist, otherwise time and money will both go to waste.

Attach the stretch wrap – Now it is time to start wrapping! Attach your chosen shrink film to your pallet to begin. A good way to do this is to scrunch some shrink wrap film together to create a ‘rope’ and to wrap this around one corner of the pallet tightly.


Wrap from base – Now start wrapping from the base of your pallet, ensuring that you are wrapping your pallet load as tightly as possible and that you wrap around the same areas multiple times for extra protection and security. Continue doing this until your full load is wrapped impeccably!

Ensure structural integrity– Check around each side of your wrapped load to make sure it is correctly wrapped and once certain it is adequate tear the shrink wrap and fold the end under one of the pallet edges to fasten in place.

These are the basic instructions for pallet wrapping using a machine or by hand! It is always important to read the instructions which come with any new pallet wrapper when looking for the best results.

David Lockhart