The Top Trends In Bathroom Tiles

Selecting the right trends and the best tiles for your bathroom is definitely no cakewalk. With so many varieties to look through, you have to think about the right designs, colors, texture, and shapes in tiles that will go with your bathroom interiors appropriately. So here are the top trends in bathroom tiles this season:

Graphic patterns – This style of tiles can be used anywhere and everywhere and that’s why when it comes to your bathroom, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t install them. What’s more, this style also gives you ample scope of getting creative with what you want and how you want things to look.

Matte finish tiles – If you want something more chic and sophisticated then matte finish tiles are ideal for you. Unlike the glossy tiles, these are more utilitarian in nature as they don’t show off the water marks and smudges in your bathrooms and are apt for bathrooms that are being regularly used. They are easier to maintain, thanks to their low sheen.

White neutral tiles – Though our lifestyle nowadays is quite colorful but white never goes out of trend and neutral is always a favorite with contemporary designers. Grey and cream colors including beige are equally popular in terms of modern neutrals.

Subway tiles – These tiles differ from the conventional patterns and you can find them in a larger size, including beveled, arched dome, and sculptural patterns.  You might as well come up with a more delighting design in your bathroom.

Dimensional tiles – The good thing about these dimensional tiles is that the manufacturers get ample scope of getting creative with shapes while applying a myriad of geometric shapes. Hexagon is one of the popular designs presently.

Marble tiles – These are still the best choice for countless homeowners. The softer hues and high-end material make marble an essential element for luxuriating bathrooms.

Metallic finish – If you are more of a jazzy person then metallic tiles are sure to compliment your taste while dealing with your bathroom interiors and decor.

The story of tiles is almost a never-ending saga where new patterns and designs keep coming up and every time you are amazed by their styles and sophistication. Give your bathroom the glamour and class that it deserves with Carreaux Metro bathroom tiles that know your choice and expectations.


Edward Powell