The work-life routine of Colombian Playboy Alex Mendieta

The work-life routine of Colombian Playboy Alex Mendieta

An ideal work-life routine does not exist that brings the most out of professional and personal life. We looked into the top billionaires’ schedules, starting with Elon Musk and Warren Buffet to the late Steve Jobs. However, we soon realised we needed someone more relatable. Hence, the name Alex Mendieta crossed our minds, and his routine seems to be the right kind of inspiration.

Alex Mendieta comes with a work hard play hard persona. He has spoken to media houses, and the most notable takeaway is how he makes the most of his life by working 70 hours a week. You will find him at the gym three days a week, and he will look at dinner parties and bars for four nights and party like a rockstar. At the end of it, he still takes a day off for some relaxation. Now, the question arises – how does he manage to do everything? We need to take a closer look at his routine for the answer.

Breaking down the routine

Monday to Wednesday: Alex is vocal about the importance of the beginning of the week. He grinds from Monday to Wednesday and tries to make the most of it. His work starts at 10:00 am and continues up to 01:30 am the next day. Amidst all the work, he still manages 45 minutes each night to hit the gym and lift weights. It is seemingly hectic, but there is a good reason for it.

Here’s another fun fact – he takes both lunch and dinner in the office and ensures he does not need more than 10 minutes to commute between work and home. His day ends at 02:00 am.

Thursday: Work starts at 10:00 am and ends at 07:00 pm. Alex goes out for dinner and drinks right after. When he is done, you will find him in bed by 01:00 am

Friday: Now, as the weekend approaches, he prepares for a big night. He stays at the office from 10:00 am to 06:00pm. When he is done, he takes of dinner and a fun night.

Saturday: He makes his way to work late in the morning and stays there for about four hours. He takes a ride on his boat if the weather seems perfect. Otherwise, Alex loves a relaxing afternoon and happening evening over dinner and drinks.

Sunday: He keeps the entire day for himself. Alex takes some time out for friends, spends time on the boat, and settles for a late lunch. He still does not mind a relaxed evening and enjoy a comfortable dinner with red wine.

According to an interview with Men’s Health, Alex puts a lot of focus on the first three days of the week, and He does not mind pushing the limits and getting some hard work done. To quote him, “Getting older has allowed me to really appreciate the time we have and to squeeze every minute out of it. We cannot stop working hard, or we will not get to our financial goals, yet I want to have lots of fun”.

Alex keeps his travelling time short as well. Work is 10 minutes away while the gym is 3 minutes from his place. His routine might just be the epitome for a simplistic yet successful professional life.

Bonnie Baldwin