Tips for Mirror Frame Designs and Decor Ideas

Tips for Mirror Frame Designs and Decor Ideas

Mirrors have a lot of utility; however, a single glass pane can often appear boring and stale. Instead of getting rid of that old mirror, take the time to turn the mirror into decoration with a unique frame design. Today, many people are discovering the unique look of a framed mirror and the way it can bring an entire room together. Of course, when someone decides to frame their mirror, it is important to think carefully about the frame designs from which someone will choose. There are several tips that everyone should keep in mind.

Make a Bold Choice for a Frame

First, remember that the frame is the only decorative part of the mirror. Therefore, the frame needs to stand out. Make a bold choice for the frame design. There are lots of options to choose from. There are exotic, bold, and unusual finishes that people can use on the mirror frame. These bold choices might overpower the typical artwork; however, they will work well when it comes to framing a mirror.

Select a Frame that is Large

People might not realize it; however, the mirrors are very heavy. They are made with thick glass that will not bend or flex. This is important for mirrors because, if the glass bends, it will distort the image. Because the mirror is so heavy and the glass is so thick, people need to invest in a frame that can handle this weight. A larger mirror will hold the weight of the mirror. Furthermore, this mirror will also balance the mirror and keep its proportions appropriate.

Think About the Location of the Mirror and the Frame

It is important to think carefully about where the mirror is going to go and how the frame and reflection will work with this space. The reflection of the mirror should be considered a part of the artwork. Furthermore, why not place the mirror where it will reflect a beautiful piece of artwork? Try to avoid having the mirror reflect clutter or messy spaces. The frame and the reflection should match well. The reflection in the mirror is part of the decor, as is the frame.

Mirrors can Brighten the Area

Finally, remember that mirrors reflect light. Therefore, mirrors can be used to brighten up a room. When placed in a room with a large chandelier or a powerful light, the mirror is going to augment this light. With this in mind, people who hang up their mirrors in a room with a lot of light might be able to actually reduce the number or power of the lights in this room. Keep these tips in mind when considering where to put the mirror.

Edward Powell