Tips for protecting your camping gear before sending it to storage units

Tips for protecting your camping gear before sending it to storage units

The vibrant fall colors set the stage for some late season camping opportunities, but the chillier temperatures mean it’s time for many to start packing up their equipment for the winter. As the season ends, campers can take the opportunity to organize, clean, repair, and safeguard all their outdoor gear.

For those looking to start next year’s camping adventures on the right path, storage units can keep your equipment safe and protected during the cold.

Cleaning — the first step to protecting your gear in storage units

Tents, tarps, backpacks, outdoor cooking equipment, and other camping essentials take a beating in the outdoors. Protecting these items — and making sure they are ready to go in the spring — requires more than just tossing them into storage.

By cleaning now before sending gear to storage units, you can minimize mildew and mold, and reduce potential problems from rodents or insects.

Thoroughly inspect your gear for debris. Remove dirt, sand, pine needles, leaves, from the inside and out of tents and tarps.

Wash camping pots and pans and wipe any food residue from camping stoves. Wash and dry sleeping bags and camping blankets, if washable, and clean anything non-washable with a soft brush.

Repairing — so the next season starts without delay

It’s much easier to address repairs now rather than starting next year’s camping season on a sour note. While inspecting during cleaning, test all of your gear.

If a lamp doesn’t work, then repair or dispose of it. If you have tears in your tent’s rainfly, take the time to patch now, before you pack it up and possibly miss the tear next year.

Packing correctly to get the most out of storage

Rather than piling everything into storage bins, fold and organize each item. This will help you locate exactly what you need when spring warmth beckons. Make sure your items are dry before packing. Vacuum seal bags can help keep critters away from your sleeping bags and tents. Plastic storage bins with tight-fitting lids can keep your gear pristine, and safe from whatever might creep into storage units.

Take the time to clean, repair, and organize your camping equipment today, and be ready to step out into nature without delay next season.

Edward Powell