Tips For Taking Care Of Parrots At Home

Tips For Taking Care Of Parrots At Home

Did you know that parrots can live longer than an average human being? That is why taking care of them as pets at home is going to be a long-term commitment. Anyone who is thinking about getting a parrot must be prepared for that. Before you get a parrot, it is crucial that you have a complete understanding of proper parrot care. If this is the parrot information that you are looking for, then read on.

Make A Home For The Birds

If you want to keep birds at home, then they need to be in a cage. And when you look at cages for sale online, they come in different sizes and shapes. When choosing one, make sure that your parrot has enough space to be able to spread its wings inside the cage. Avoid buying a small cage. Also, you need a padlock. Parrots are very smart and the last thing you want is for the bird to escape its cage. When you’re not home, make sure that a padlock will keep your bird in its cage.

Parrot Sensitivity

Once you have your cage, it’s important to figure out where it must be placed. You always have to remember that birds are sensitive when it comes to temperature, light, and smells. Place the cage in a space where they can freely breathe fresh air. Make sure that they are away from strong smells like cleaning chemicals, cigarette smoke, cooking gas, and even the scent of new paints. Remember, this could kill your pet.

Feeding the Parrot

If this is your first time taking care of a parrot, it is best that you ask your vet how much your pet needs to eat on a daily basis. In general, don’t rely on dry feeds. You can add fresh fruits and vegetables too. Parrots love nuts and seeds so make sure that you add that to the mix. You always have to remember that birds have a very sensitive digestive tract so ensure that you know what to let them eat and what they must avoid.

Learn About Cage Maintenance

Again, having birds at home is a commitment. And that goes the same for making sure that their cage is habitable. It is advisable to clean the bird care every two days. It is fairly easy to clean the cage. Also, it is best if you choose a cage with a grate over the bedding. It can hold the litter and keep it from forming any bacteria and mildew.

Want to learn more about parrots and how to care for them? Visit Here, you can find not only informative articles about parrots but other birds as well and some very interesting facts about them. Make sure that you learn a little bit more about the birds that you are planning to get before you bring them home.

Nicholas Jansen