Tips to Create A Healthy Tiffin For Toddlers

Tips to Create A Healthy Tiffin For Toddlers


                        Healthy tiffin ideas for toddlers are key to keeping them active, strong, and healthy. It is worth every effort to prepare them lunch is not only rich in nutrients but also tasty, delicious and lip-smacking good. Some of the foods that you can include in their lunch boxes are a good and mouth-watering potpourri of carb-dense foods, dairy, and protein, or veggies. Eating healthy is imperative to help your children concentrate better on studies and actively participate in all types of physical activities.

And since children aren’t allowed to eat for a longer duration, it is advisable to make something which can be finished easily and that which doesn’t create any mess.

Packing Lunch for Your Toddler: The Best Suggestions

When it comes to tiffin recipes for toddlers, the possibilities are endless, However, deciding on which is healthier and which will help you to see satisfactory results on a kids growth chart can sometimes get intimidating. Some of the expert-shared suggestions are;

Fruits that Are Perfect For Lunch Boxes

 The ideal type of fruits that you can consider packing for your toddler’s tiffin box is fresh fruits. Limit their intake of dried fruits as besides being sticky they are also rich in sugar. Keep away from the sugary fruit bars as it results in tooth decay in children.

Ideal Vegetables To Pack for Tiffin Boxes

You can consider giving them veggie sticks along with their favorite dips like peanut butter, sauce, or even ketchup. If that doesn’t sound your type, think of a small box packed with cucumber, capsicum, carrot sticks, and baby tomatoes. You better leave the packets of fried smileys and chips for picnics or special events at school.

Dairy Products Including Custar, Yogurt, and Milk

You can wrap a little milk drink in the lunch box and freeze it overnight. If you want to pack them fruit yogurts, then pack them in an insulated tiffin box. Flavored milk and dairy desserts are however a big ‘no no’ for a kid’s meal box.

Experiment with Fillings to Surprise Them

 Fillings like yeast extract, vegemite, baked beans, roast meat chopped, pickles, tuna, cola beat sliced, cheese, eggs are a great way to surprise your kids. You can make delicious spreads using eggplant, yogurt, spinach, cucumber, chickpea, and caviar. 

Try Various Kinds of Bread to Peak Their Interest

Incorporate a large selection of bread, in case your kids aren’t taking any interest in sandwiches anymore, You can try offering them corn thins, rice cakes, crispbreads, crumpets, muffins, pikelets, scones, buns, fruit loaves, bagels, flatbread, pita bread, and bread rolls.

Bake Them Fun Cakes and Muffins

You can bake them your choice of cakes and muffins to increase the dose of vegetables. Some of the food suggestions in cakes and muffins are pumpkin, banana, zucchini, carrot, sultana, etc. Keep the cream-filled cakes along with doughnuts for special occasions and not for tiffin boxes.

What Drinks to Pack For Toddler Tiffin Boxes?

When searching for ideal drinks to pack for your toddler’s tiffin box, milk and water are the two best options, You can freeze them overnight so they remain cool for a longer duration inside the lunch box. You might want to stay away from juice drinks, energy drinks, and aerated drinks as they are rich in sugar.

Apart from this also invest in an insulated tiffin box to keep the food warm for a longer duration. Also, ensure safe and clean food preparation techniques when considering tiffin ideas for toddlers. Never stop offering them healthy food choices in different forms, as kids refrain if foods are repeated too often. 


Bonnie Baldwin