Tips to Get your Personal Loan Approved in No Time

Tips to Get your Personal Loan Approved in No Time


Personal loans are ideal for paying high-interest debts. Though personal loans have higher interest rates than the typical auto loan or mortgage, various banks and credit unions let you consolidate or refinance your debt into a lower-interest loan with one fixed monthly payment.

Here are a few tips to get your personal loan approved in no time:

  1. Choose your loan type

Personal loans are of two types, secured and unsecured. Secured loans have flexible credit requirements, lower interest rates, and greater borrowing power. However, you need to put up collaterals like home and car. Unsecured loans do not require collaterals but rely on your creditworthiness and your ability to repay. Also, the interest rate may be higher.

  1. Know the amount you need to borrow

You need to know how much you want to borrow before applying for a loan to avoid borrowing the unrequired amount. Tallying your existing debts you wish to consolidate or refinance should help. Know your debt to income ratio. It shows the lender your affordability and ability to pay your loan each month.

  1. Check your credit score

Before applying for an instant personal loan check your credit score and get your credit report. Having a negative or inadequate credit report and score may minimize your chances of getting approval. You need to pay your bills on time and pay down all your debts to boost your credit score. There may be situations where you would have to wait for your credit score to improve.

  1. Minimum income requirement

To get approved for a personal loan you need to fulfill a minimum income requirement, otherwise, how will you pay back your loan? You should have sufficient income to pay back a loan!

  1. Employment requirement

Freelance work, benefits or child support payments are sometimes not accepted by a lender. You might need to have been employed by a company for a certain number of years or receive income through direct deposit to cut.

  1. Sufficient collateral

Collaterals in the form of property or liquid money when borrowing may be required in the case of unsecured personal loans. You may qualify for better rates and terms but you risk losing collateral if you default.

  1. A creditworthy consigner can help

In case of unsecured loans, if your credentials are weak, lenders are more than willing to give loans to someone with bad credit if you have someone with a good credit score who is willing to cosign the loan. Here, the cosigner commits to being responsible to pay the loan if the borrower is unable to do so.

  1. Verify your details

Before submitting your application for an instant personal loan, verify the smallest of details to avoid rejection.

  1. Find the right lender

Even if you get approved at the first-go, shop for a minimum of three lenders to get the best rates. Review the interest rates fine print, and terms of all the loans. Make sure to go with a reputed lender offering low rates.

The above few tips are more than enough to get your personal loan approved in no time. Get in touch with Fast Track Loan Center today to get any kind of assistance on loans.

David Lockhart