Top 10 Webtoon app you can read Bl in 2020

Top 10 Webtoon app you can read Bl in 2020


 When searching for sites or apps to read Boys Love or Yaoi comics, readers often consider two things: the price of the chapters or free comics and the quality of the content of that comic book site or app.  

 The birth of the webtoon brings a new wind, whether readers only read free manga online and they are aware of the novelty of this webtoon, the truth is that many readers now read manga through the platforms.  An intermediary such as free manga online that offers stories such as manhwa, manhwa hentai, webtoon, doujins or yaoi and occasionally the latest stories that are posted on the official site are legally copyrighted.  When readers buy or simply read on the official site, they act as collaborators of the author, helping the creators to have the budget to be able to continue creating stories.

At the same time, readers especially have high expectations for the quality of comics, especially in the context of the increasingly competitive comic book market.  Great visuals and interesting content are a must.  Below is a list of comic book platforms that can satisfy those elements.


Webtoon (full name is Line Webtoon) is one of the popular English story sites that many people know and love.  Readers can enjoy free quality comics on Webtoon.  The site offers stories translated from Korean as well as stories written by non-Korean authors, such as “My Stepmom” by Quimchee, a Chicago author. In addition, Webtoon  also a place where you can find works by novice authors Most of the stories here are free but recently Webtoon has built a system where readers will pay if they want to preview the stories.  New story volume has not been officially released.

Manytoon Comics

Manytoon Comics is one of the most popular manga platforms Manhwa hentai in North America.  Manytoon also offers quality translation stories and new author stories just like Webtoon Hentai.  What sets Manytoon apart is the novels.  To read premium stories, readers need to accumulate “coins”.  Coins can be purchased with money, or when readers view advertisements, play games, and recommend forums to others.  Not long ago, readers were able to read Manytoon’s free stories by waiting.


Lezhin is a website that specializes in providing English translation stories from original Korean.  Previously, in order to enjoy the stories here, the reader had to pay a fee.  Recently, however, by waiting for a fixed amount of time, most stories are unlocked and can be read for free by readers.  American passion stories are a feature that makes this website famous, in addition, Lezhin also has other genres such as romance, science fiction.

Freecomiconline has excellent comic quality, mainly providing Korean stories into English translation.  The translation has been verified as a big plus for Free comic online which has a large pool of Bl boys love, however, readers can only watch the first few chapters for free, and the following chapters require a fee.  Starting with just a few stories, FCO is gradually adding more content to meet the needs of readers. just launched the mobile app in 2019 and is offering more and more new choices for users that other forums have barely managed to do.  The Bl Boys love story here is extremely large with 2000 webtoon, mostly free here, the few remaining stories require readers to use “diamonds” or “coins”.  Players can accumulate diamonds and coins by buying directly, log into the game for a certain period of time (receive 20 coins in 5 minutes), or perform in-game tasks such as answering surveys, sharing  code of the game.  If you join a membership and pay a monthly or annual fee, players will be able to view all the story content.

Yaoi was off to a very brilliant start.  Recently there are many popular Bl and Yaoi stories and adding 1-2 new stories daily.  However, the comics here are truly masterpieces that are nowhere to be found.  Most of them are premium stories, but some stories will be open for a fixed period of time so that readers can read without paying, after a few days the story will be locked to the original.

Newly established in 2018, is quickly becoming a unique comic platform with quality manga titles.  Mangahentai uses translations from a variety of sources and fans can directly contribute their ideas.  Mangahentai is still maintaining both forms of reading for free and paid.  To overcome his weakness of the huge amount of hentai manga, but the very few hentai manhwa and limited manga, Mangahentai is gradually adding new ones to the list. didn’t get too much attention compared to other English translation platforms.  Even so, is still the perfect place to read manga.  It offers both free and paid hentai manhwa.  The difference is that instead of having to buy individual story chapters, readers only need to buy a monthly VIP membership card to access all the stories on the web.


Finally, an American comic book platform.  Although it did not have a big buzz like Korean story websites, but still satisfied readers with extremely attractive English stories.  One plus point for is it’s free!

Here are the top 10+ webtoon apps you can read boys love, bl manga and yaoi for free in 2020

 1 – Webtoon

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 3 – Manycomic Entertainment

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 11- Manytoon Comics




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