Top 5 facts why Paleo desserts are healthy

Top 5 facts why Paleo desserts are healthy

We have a habit, and we are not going to fool ourselves, based, that desserts are a source of empty calories difficult to burn, so we have a source of fats and future fats that we don’t fancy having anything. Why not optimize their constitution to make them healthier? This is already being done, with the inclusion of low-calorie sweeteners or whole-wheat flour, although it logically affects their taste.

Undoubtedly there are two desserts quite pleasant to taste and with nutritional contributions even above many other foods. The light contribution of sugars (fructose), as well as a low caloric content and many other necessary elements, make the fruit a necessity in the diet. On the other hand, if you want an original dessert, sweet and with an improper protein contribution of heavy conventional desserts, bet on the Paleo cinnamon rolls as they are the best.

5 facts why Paleo desserts are healthy

A healthier heart

A square of chocolate per day can reduce the risk of heart disease. A study found that a small portion of bitter chocolate per day reduces people’s pressure. It is believed that this is because chocolate is a good source of cocoa that is packed with an antioxidant that acts as an anti-inflammatory and protects the immune system.


Some candies have incredible aphrodisiac power, both in women and men. The pumpkin pie is a good alternative because pumpkin contains a lot of zinc, and this is responsible for increasing testosterone levels. According to a study, just by smelling it you can reduce anxiety levels and improve circulation.

Yes you can lose weight

Even enjoying a delicious dessert from time to time science claims that you will lose weight. A study confirmed that if you pay attention to when you eat, you will tend to eat less. For some reason, if we count the times we swallow and taste the food better, we will feel satisfied much sooner.

Prevents strokes

Once again: chocolate that takes another nomination. A study found that men between 45 and 79 years of age who ate 10 grams of chocolate per day reduced their risk of stroke by 17%. It is recommended to opt for one that contains a composition of at least 65% cocoa.

Goodbye night craving

We all know that an irremediable desire for something sweet that appears just before going to bed. And to tell the truth, it is one of the worst betrayals that we can incorporate into our diet. That’s why we need to be flexible and avoid putting such tough restrictions because we all know the taste of the forbidden (in other words, the taste of that delicious chocolate cake at midnight).

Instead of being a whole month without eating your favorite dessert and then immerse yourself in it, enjoy it more frequently but take care of the portion, that is the key. If you want to buy the cinnamon rolls that are yummy visit this site and order from there

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