Top 7 Flowering Plants for Hanging Baskets

Top 7 Flowering Plants for Hanging Baskets

Using a hanging basket is a great way to enhance your backyard and your outdoor living space. There are numerous benefits of this idea, ranging from the fact that you have the privilege of using vertical space to decorate an outdoor area, all the way to increasing the uniqueness of your garden. In a way, the choice of planters may also determine the style of your backyard, seeing as how you can go for wicker, vinyl and numerous other options. In fact, some people even make their own DIY planters out of jars and similar materials. Overall, here are the top seven flowering plants for hanging baskets.

1.      Petunia

Why is petunia so great for a hanging basket? First of all, it’s a colorful flower that looks quite impressive even when completely isolated from the rest of your garden. Second, it is a resilient flower which means that it doesn’t require too many nutrients and too much water. This is amazing for two reasons. First of all, it means that you don’t have to hang a huge planter in order to fit a lot of soil. Even a cone planter can do the trick. Second, you don’t have to water it that often. This is also a great thing seeing as how watering a hanging planter can be quite difficult if the planter is hanged high.

2.      Geranium

Previously, we went to lengths to describe why low-maintenance is such an important issue for a hanging basket. Well, it doesn’t get any more low-maintenance than the geranium. While red geranium may be seen as the most iconic type, the truth is that this incredible flower comes in all colors. In other words, regardless of the palette that you choose for your backyard, it’s bound to fit.

3.      Lantana

Lantanas are not necessarily great for hanging baskets but they do have one major advantage that makes up for this – they have a really long blossom. This means that once you place it in a planter and put it on display, you’re set for the major part of the year. Moreover, these plants are just perfect for well-drained soil (which is easy to achieve in a planter) and are supposed to be out in the sun.

4.      Tammy

While tammy may not be the most obvious choice, you have a way to turn this into one of the most unique hanging basket options. According to experts behind same day flower delivery from Melbourne, there are people who hang entire terrariums and make them hang from a backyard screen or pergola. The globular, glassy shape of this terrarium can, with a bit of DIY effort be transformed into the most unique ornament in your entire garden.

5.      Begonia

Let’s face it, begonia is probably one of the most iconic flowers for your garden, in general. What’s so interesting about them? Well, first of all, they give many blooms in their lifetime, which already makes them low-maintenance, compared to many other options. Second, it’s ideal for the soil to be moist but not wet. This means that it’s relatively easy to water them. The most interesting thing about them is the fact that they have a kind of waxy bloom. This attracts and confuses people regarding whether it’s real flower or plastic, to begin with.

6.      Verbena

Verbena is the most vibrant of all the options on the list but one thing that puts it above all other flowers is its resistance to extreme heat. Even after 10 hours in direct sunlight, the flowers will remain healthy and even bloom further under these circumstances. Sure, you still have to water it occasionally but the amount of necessary maintenance is far lower than the majority of alternatives on this list. In other words, it’s the best option for the summer.

7.      Pansy

Let’s say you want something beautiful and colorful on display but you just can’t make up your mind regarding the color or the pattern. Well, the pansy is the right choice for you. What makes it so perfect for this situation. For starters, the best way to describe this flower is – chaotic. There are different shapes and colors of flowers put together. This provides you with unparalleled variety that you just can’t possibly downplay.

In conclusion

From all the above-listed, you can deduce that it’s important for a hanging basket to possess three important traits. Flowers need to be low-maintenance, compact and they need to look great even when isolated. This makes your job regarding the organization of the area a lot simpler. This way, you can use a single planter in order to make a massive visual impact on the area. It allows you to create a cohesive environment and tie up the place with the use of just one planter but you are by no means restricted by this one planter. The more the merrier.

David Lockhart