Top tips for choosing investments

Top tips for choosing investments

As a result of the increased uncertainties in the stock market, there are certain tested and proven principles which can assist the investors to improve their possibilities for long-term success.

If you are considering investment advice then it helps to be prepared for your first consultation. In this article, we are going to focus on the most crucial concepts every investor should be aware of.

Some investors secure their profits through the sale of appreciated investments while confining ones which they feel the market share does not meet their expectations while waiting for the price to increase.

The best stocks will always keep on appreciating while the poor ones may even depreciate further. The discussed below factors are very fundamental to every investor in decision making.

How long you’re planning to invest

You have to consider the duration you need your money back. Times frames keep on changing for different goals and will always influence the kind of risks you are planning to take.

For instance, if you’re intending to save for a house deposit and planning to purchase in some years to come, investments like shares and funds are not ideal because their value keeps on changing. It has ups and downs. In such a case you should opt for a cash saving account such as the Cash ISAs.

When saving for your pension in a couple of years, you should not concentrate on the short term falls in the value of your investment, instead, you should focus on the long-term.

Long term investments are very effective when compared to a cash savings account as they ensure you’re well placed to overcome inflation and realise your pension goal.

Avoid chasing a hot tip

At no time you should accept stock tip as valid irrespective of its source. Always remember to do thorough research about the company before investing your money. Although tips may evolve, long term success is based on thorough research.


For you to generate more returns you have to take part in different types of risks. The only thing you need to do is to manage and enhance the balance between the risk and the returns.

You can do this by investing your money in a different type of investments as well as sectors whose prices don’t shift in the same direction. This is what is referred to as diversification.

It can aid you in boosting the returns while still realising the growth and minimise the entire risk in your portfolio.

Check the charges

If you want to purchase investments such as the individual shares, you will have to use the stockbroking service and you will be subjected to pay dealing fees.

For instance, if you settle on investment funds, there are other charges that you will be subjected to like paying the fund manager. There are other charges like the advisory fees whenever you seek advice.

When in search of investment funds, stockbrokers or advisers you will be charged for each one of them and their rates vary from one firm to another.

Before investing your money, you should request the firm to explain all their charges so that you’re well-informed about what you need to pay.

Although higher charges translate to better quality, always ensure the charges being imposed are reasonable and if there is a possibility of getting the same quality with a lower fee.

Investments to avoid

You should not tolerate products with a high level of risk unless you are well-informed about their specific risks and you are confident to take them.

The only time you should consider products with a high level of risk is when you have generated more money from investments with low and medium risks.

Avoid panicking over the small stuff

Instead of getting anxious over an investment short-term progress, it’s good to look at its investment trajectory. You should exercise confidence in an investment larger story and you should avoid getting distracted by the short-term volatility.

You should avoid putting too much emphasis on the differences in cents which may help you from making use of the limit market versus order.

Most traders rely on minute-minute fluctuations to secure their gains. The success of long-term investors is determined by the duration of their investment.

Paul Petersen