Understanding different methods of consuming kratom

Understanding different methods of consuming kratom

Kratom offers a vast array of potential benefits, from pain relief to mood enhancement to treating opioid withdrawal symptoms. With the rising popularity of this plant medicine, an equally diverse variety of consumption methods has emerged. From classic toss n’ wash to artisanal teas to cutting-edge extracts, modern kratom users are spoiled for choice. 

Classic toss n’ wash

This simplest, old-school kratom preparation has two basic steps – spoon kratom powder into your mouth, then wash it down with a drink. While bitter and gritty, toss n’ Wash offers a quick, convenient way to swallow a measured serving. 

  • Use a powder with a very fine grind to minimize grit and clumping on your tongue.
  • Pack powder tightly on the spoon so it sticks together entering your mouth. 
  • Have your wash ready, but sip first and let the kratom sit to absorb moisture before attempting to swallow.
  • Chocolate milk, sweet juice, or smoothies help overcome bitterness better than water.
  • Time your breath to avoid inhaling clouds of dry powder.

Despite the bitterness, toss n’ Wash remains popular for getting fast absorption of bare kratom powder.

Kratom infused teas

Steeping ground or crushed kratom leaves for 15-20 minutes releases the main active alkaloids into hot water, allowing straining into a flavorful medicinal tea. Adding milk, sweetener, or a pinch of turmeric helps cut bitterness. Tea avoids the texture issues of toss and’ wash, but extraction efficiency varies. 

  • Use fresh leaves or very freshly ground powder to preserve alkaloid potency
  • Simmer gently – hard boiling denatures the alkaloids
  • Steep covered for no more than 20 minutes – too long makes the tea overly bitter

does kratom get you high? Kratom teas offer a comforting, familiar way to consume this plant remedy. Adding spice infusions like ginger or lemongrass can also help address flavor.

Capsulized kratom 

For those struggling with the bitterness and palatability of kratom powder, capsules provide an easy fix. Premium commercial brands carefully measure powder doses into veggie or gelatin caps that are easily swallowed. The barrier of the capsule means slower uptake and diminished effects compared to raw powder or tea. 

  • Take caps on an empty stomach with a glass of milk or grapefruit juice to aid digestion and absorption.
  • Choose 00-size capsules which can hold about .75 grams of powder each – taking just a few avoids an overly bloated stomach. 
  • Consider poke-a-hole caps that allow gastric juices to penetrate quickly. Or make DIY capsules splitting commercial ones.

Kratom capsules trade some convenience for efficacy but remain in a user-friendly format, especially for utilizing kratom on the go.

Kratom extracts & tinctures

Through a concentration process, kratom extracts and tinctures remove the plant matter from raw leaves, leaving behind a viscous dark paste or crystallized resin of the most vital alkaloids. Adding carrier oils, alcohol or glycerine thins this extract into a highly concentrated liquid format. 

  • 10x-50x higher alkaloid levels by weight than plain leaf 
  • Faster onset and shorter duration due to refined purity
  • Easy to measure into servings by dropper or micro-scoop

When respected for their intensity, kratom concentrates offer pronounced relief and stimulation in minimal servings.

Choosing what’s right for you

From classic bitter matcha-like teas to flavorless capsules to super-charged resins, kratom offers options for every palate and preference. Consider convenience needs, personal sensitivities, and dosage control requirements. A kratom journal recording notes on preparations and responses helps navigate ideal formats. Be willing to adjust methods over time as the body and dosage need to evolve. With an open mind and some self-experimentation, you’ll discover what consumption style best fits your life.

Bonnie Baldwin