Use These Effective Ways to Improve the Bond with Your Partner

Use These Effective Ways to Improve the Bond with Your Partner


After the heart-fluttering stage of relationship fades, arguments slowly start coming into the picture. Something what your partner says/ does tick you off and vice versa, which either leads to stonewalling or arguments. Shutting off an upset partner when they are trying to communicate is destructive for any relationship while repetitive arguments cause frustration.

Effects of stonewalling:

Stonewalling cause a cold rift among couples and wrecks their intimacy. They start withdrawing from each other causing couples to lead separate lives. The silent treatment prevents both from resolving the issue and only worsening things. Unless the couples come together, a happy and stable relationship isn’t possible.

Re-establish the spark in your relationship through Tango:

It is important to take steps to bridge the gap created between you and your partner. Break the silence by involving in activities together. Doing activities together does wonders in strengthening a relationship. A great idea is to take couple tango classes. Every tango session helps partners to connect in an emotional and physical level.

Tango requires perfect co-ordination which can only be achieved by effective communication.  The four words that accurately describe Tango are romance, intense, passionate and sensual – all which are an essential part of a relationship. If you are looking for Tango classes in Medford, Massachusetts Ultimate Tango School of Dance.

They offer both online and personalized private classes for couples. They offer courses at different levels – Beginner, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate and hence you don’t have to worry about being a newbie. Call them up to know about their class schedule. Tango therapy helps you grow as a couple. 

  • The captivating music relieves anxiety and eases tension.
  • This form of walking dance also powers up the brain and improves decision-making.
  • It is considered as a form of holistic activity that aids in practicing mindfulness. 
  • The dance movements improve core strength and balance.

Effects of arguments:

Arguments help each other understand how the other feels, to arrive at solution and thereby reconcile. However, disagreeing with your partner is healthy only to a certain extent. If there are arguments over every minute detail it creates unnecessary stress. Unhealthy argument tactics strips the love and respect on your partner over-time.

It leaves one or both parents feeling unloved, confused and lonely. Healthy argument tactics coupled with effective communication skills is the trick to ensure your arguments never go out of hand.

Tips to settle arguments in a healthy way:

Avoid criticizing: Instead of saying, ‘You are doing this (anything that bother you) every time’, say that you feel hurt when your partner does it. This avoids the arguments from blowing up and makes your partner take a moment to reflect on their behavior that bothers you.

Don’t get defensive: When your partner points out something bothering them about your relationship, hear them out instead of going into defensive mode. Make the other person feel validated and heard.

Timing: Avoid bringing up issues after having a few glasses of wine. You may not be mindful of the words you use.

Stick together as a couple and resolves differences at the earliest. Continue indulging in activities together to stay connected.

David Lockhart