Web.com Reviews Discusses Why Tattoos Are Still Taboo

Web.com Reviews Discusses Why Tattoos Are Still Taboo


Even though getting inked is becoming more popular day by day, it is still met with sideways glances and many people asking the reason behind you getting inked. One never gets a warm and welcoming response after getting a tattoo. Web.com Reviews discusses why getting inked is still considered taboo in some places and the relevance behind it.

The Reasons

  1. Sign of being a part of the gangster community – In some places like Japan, the practice of getting tattooed was first started by some revolutionary secret society as a mark of loyalty and identification towards that group. This idea is still imbibed in the minds of the people even at this age. As a result, getting inked is associated with you belonging to the other side of law and implies that you are a danger to the community. Such people are not wholeheartedly accepted by society.
  1. An insult to the parents – Conservationist society around the world considers the body as a natural gift by parents which is to be respected. Any change or modification in your body done by you is equal to showing the utmost disrespect to your parents and ancestors. Sometimes, it is also seen as a challenge to the Creator. It’s difficult for people in such a society to get a decent job or get married.
  1. Restrictions in some public places – Even though there are no chances of infection in being in contact with a tattooed person, some places restrict the entry of people with tattoos. This is mostly seen in places such as hot springs and water park. Other customers might object to being in the same water as that of an inked person for the fear of infection.
  1. Success at the workplace gets limited – When you have huge and weird tattoos on an exposed area of your body, you are less likely to get recruited in the higher ranks of the company. As you are the face of the company, no will be pleased to see a personal message, or a picture inked on you. For example, there are very dim chances that you will crack a deal if you have a tattoo of a roaring lion on your face even though you might be the most competent person.
  1. Tattoos are a permanent feature – Getting a tattoo requires a lot of commitment towards oneself. Once inked, it is going to stay with you for your entire life. Of course, you can get it removed but that is a much more painful process than getting tattooed. The process of getting a tattoo involves cutting a layer of upper skin and placing the tattoo ink in it.

It is a painful procedure and sometimes, the recovery is long if it is not done by an expert professional. Considering such issues arising from it, tattoos are forbidden in some societies.


With so many reasons to forbid you from getting a tattoo, the tattoo culture is still on the rise. Professional, social or medical; you must always remember to get the tattoo done under expert and professional artists. Web.com Reviews suggests you to thoroughly assess all the pros and cons of getting a tattoo before you get one done. Getting a tattoo can impact your life more severely than you can imagine.

Paul Petersen