What are the Hardships you can face while Living Plastic-Free?

What are the Hardships you can face while Living Plastic-Free?

Like every other movement, plastic-free living also comes with a few specific hardships. However, it might be hard at the beginning but once you are habituated, you will have no problems at all. Just keep in mind that when starting you don’t stray from this lifestyle as a lot of options are available in the UK which might make people stray from the course in the beginning. The hardship you might face includes:

  • Maintaining this habit
  • Seek alternate items
  • Handling peer-pressure
  • Opting for DIY products

Have a look at these in detail!

  • Continuing the habit

One of the reasons plastic is still popular because it is quite easy for people to buy and use such products. Easy availability and difficult finding their replacement made them popular among the masses.

Hence, when starting a plastic-free life it gets quite difficult for many to maintain it as falling back to older ways always seems an easier approach. However, keep in mind that it is something you have to strive for. It is non-other than activities like eating healthy, dieting, exercising, etc.

This lifestyle offers such perks that it is worth going through this difficult time and maintains this habit for the difficult first few months when starting.

  • Finding alternative commodities

Another hardship which an individual goes through when starting to live plastic-free is seeking replacements for all products that one utilizes which uses plastic. It means that one will require searching for alternatives to items that are created using virgin plastic as well as things that come in plastic packaging.

When researching an individual will come across most products have plastic packaging in it. This gives an idea about how harmful and troublesome this is for the environment along with the notion that it will take some time for an individual to go completely plastic-free.

  • Maintaining it in spite of peer-pressure

One might not anticipate this but whenever an individual opts for a lifestyle change, pressure from family and friends often leads to negative changes. For example, in social pressure, people often give up and buy plastic packaged products and more when with such people. Simply, most people don’t understand why one tries this approach and thus, don’t take them seriously.

Pressure from such people can be uncomfortable; however, one will require remembering that he/she opting for plastic-free lifestyle and sticking to it will make them understand and respect one’s wishes.

  • Making products on your own

Sometimes, you willface dire challenges like not finding an alternative commodity to plastic items that you used to use before changing your lifestyle. This is where your do-it-yourself method (DIY) approach comes in handy. For instance, cleaning products always come in plastic packaging and stuff. Hence, one will have to avoid it and create a replacement product with a DIY approach.

These are some of the hardships which you might face when starting a plastic-free life. All you need is to handle these for a few months and with time it will get easier for you to not feel these difficulties at all.


David Lockhart