What features you should look for in an electric height adjusting desks?

What features you should look for in an electric height adjusting desks?

The latest research findings conclude- the more we spend sitting, the more damage we are causing to our bodies. Sitting in one place for prolonged periods would mean that you’re not moving. Less movement would mean reduced mobility and flexibility. A sedentary lifestyle would mean no physical activities and no exercise. Most office persons spend 8 hours a day sitting in their offices without any movement. You can incorporate more movements into your daily schedule by using an electric height adjustable standing desk frame from Aiterminal. You can adjust the height of the desk accordingly. Whether you sit or stand, you’ll be able to use it while working.

However, if you’re considering the best standing desk like that of Aiterminal, then you need to consider several factors. In this article, some of the top features have been clubbed up to ensure the best purchase.

  • Adjustability– The very first thing that you would want in a standing desk is the adjustability feature. The desk should not be confined to one particular position only. This feature gets more important as soon as you learn the correct usage of height adjusting desks. With time, you may want to add a chair so the desk should have flexible adjustment features.
  • Height memory– Now that you know why adjustability is important, next you should consider the kind of adjustability that you’re looking for. There are two versions- electrical and hand-crank version. The former is the best as most electrical standing desks have memory programmable settings with LED digital display. Through this feature, the desk can memorize the suitable height and is perfect when used by multiple users. Moreover, the electrical adjustment feature facilitates smooth upper and lower movement than their manual counterparts.
  • Anti-collision feature– While lowering or raising, the desk might collide with objects that collide with its path. This is one of the reasons why the anti-collision feature is a must. The desk will automatically stop moving as soon as it senses any object in its way.
  • Dual Motors– Adjustable desks with single motor produce too much noise and also have a lower weight-bearing capacity as compared to the ones having a single motor in each of the legs.

If you’re planning to buy a standing desk, make sure that it has all of the aforementioned features. Also, do not forget to add a standing mat for your new desk. This is not a feature but an accessory that you must have!

Bonnie Baldwin