What is the Science Behind the Can Coolers?

What is the Science Behind the Can Coolers?

Summers mean that we need to go outdoors more and get indulged in cooler beverages. But drinking from cans in such conditions can often be a bit off. The reason being the beverage gets warm faster and it is not soothing to drink it anymore. Also, the body of the can gets condensed and it becomes uncomfortable to hold on to that can for longer periods. To resolve such issues, can coolers were introduced. These cooler sleeves are capable of keeping your cans cooler for a longer time, helping you enjoy the drink in peace.

But how many of us know the science behind these can coolers? Hardly anyone. So, here’s the article helping you understand the same.

How do the coolers work?

There is a bit of primary science going down in it. Heat transfer between a hot body and a cold body is very common in an open environment. This also holds true when you are holding a can of a cold beverage. The cold can when comes in contact with the warm environment or in that case your warm hands, the heat will be transferred from the hotter body to the colder one. This results in condensation on the surface of the metallic can and the beverage will slowly lose its coldness.

The can coolers work primarily by interrupting this swift flow of heat. They are known to block the process of heat transfer at the most primary and basic levels. They work not by holding in the cold, but by blocking out the heat. The coolers act as a barrier between your hand or the environment and the can. This enables the can to significantly slow down the transfer of external heat into your cold beverage.

This means that your beverage will stay colder for as long as you want. You can enjoy its subtle flavor with ease and without worrying about it turning unappetizing.

To make the coolers more effective, they are made up of neoprene or foam materials. Though the debate about which material is better is never-ending, both the picks work just perfectly. They work similarly and create similar heat loss barriers. Both of them can slow the extremely energetic molecules of the drink and help them to settle down.

Can coolers are a simple yet effective innovations that stylishly save us from the summer heat. Get your Quality Perfection soda can coolers today to make the most out of summer.

Edward Powell