What Is Your Lightsaber Form?

What Is Your Lightsaber Form?

Any Star Wars superfan will tell you that there are seven forms for fighting with a lightsaber. Each of the lightsaber forms has its own strengths and weaknesses. More importantly, each appeals to different personality aspects within us all. Finding your lightsaber style is as much about knowing yourself as it is about your athletic strengths. Keep reading to see which form might suit you best.

I: Shii-Cho

This is the first form and the most basic. It’s the first that is taught to young Jedi. It’s also the failsafe when things aren’t going well. Shii-Cho is the form that describes people who thrive in stability. They might like to work with children and focus on the basic and fundamental things in life.

II: Makashi

Form II was the first form that was specifically developed for lightsaber dueling. It focuses more on movement and choreography. This form appeals to the artistic mind. People who tend to find creative ways to get through life might prefer Makashi.

III: Soresu

This form was developed to help Jedi fight off blaster attacks. It is an ultimate defense form. It appeals to the non-aggressive among us. If you can sit in traffic and not get upset, if you see yourself as a protector or a peacekeeper, if you’re a middle child, this might be your form.

IV: Ataru

Ataru is a more aggressive form. Favored by the Sith and notable Jedi like Yoda, it uses the force to enhance agility. This form is for people who tackle problems head-on. It’s for the bullheaded and the stubborn. This is the form for people who won’t sit by and watch a bad situation unfold.

V: Shien & Djem So

Shien & Djem So is the defend and counter style. It suits people who are emotionally and intellectually fluid. If you’re the kind of person who can be thrown into a foreign situation and thrive, this is your style.

VI: Niman

Niman is a combination of the other five. It’s the Jedi version of the old saying: jack of all trades and master of none. This is the form for people who haven’t or won’t settle on a single specialty. If you find yourself constantly looking for the next thing in life, this is your form. It suits your desire to do everything without compromising or settling.

VII: Juyo

Juyo is the most aggressive style, but it isn’t a favorite among Sith. The most famous practitioner is Mace Windu. It takes a high level of devotion and honor to master this form. It’s the style for the committed and the loyal. This is the style for the people who can stay the course when others can’t.

David Lockhart