What Options Sports Betting Bestows Upon You

What Options Sports Betting Bestows Upon You

This article is not intended to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using cash out. But, undeniably, this is one of the most profitable tools for bookmakers.

Incidentally, here is an important observation. When we refer to cash out in this text, we are only talking about functionality in traditional bookmakers. The same is not true for exchanges, such as Betfair, for example.

The Simple Options

It is simple to understand why cash out generates dividends for homes. Let’s imagine that, in a soccer match, 100 people bet on the victory of team A and another 100 on the triumph of team B. With Judi Online you can come up with the best deal.

When team A opens the scoreboard, their odds drop considerably, generating a partial profit. Then, a portion of the bettors who invested in this team decide to close the bet. Assuming that team A really wins the game, the bookmaker profits three times: with juice, with bettors who chose the losing side and by failing to pay the full prize to those who used cash out. Of course, in some games there are changes in the scoreboard (team B gets the turn, for example). But in the long run, this is one of the formulas that most guarantees profit for bookmakers.

Bookmakers win (more than you might think) with cash out

The third method for bookmakers to make money is also related to cash out. This is because, in addition to the situation described above, they still include juice in the price offered. In other words, the profit obtained by the bettor is less than the value considered fair by the correction of the odds .

The implementation of cash out is such a good deal for homes that, a few years ago, boosted their strong investment in advertising in European countries. In other words, the system was able to generate enough money for companies to invest heavily in marketing, whether by sponsoring clubs, TV stations or other actions.

Bookmakers make money from bettors without bankroll management

The fourth way bookmakers make money lies in the bettors’ lack of bankroll management. Undeniably, those who do not accept losses and want to recover the reds by pushing all in are great financiers for these companies.

  • In fact, if this is your case, it is worth clicking here to understand how the Stair Theorem works.
  • Gamblers who do not know how to lose and, mainly, do not have bankroll management, are adored and disputed by the houses. 
  • They are even among those who will never be limited.

In fact, it was because of these people that England started having football matches on Mondays.

It happens that the bookmakers realized that many users ended the weekend negative and eager to recover the loss. Many of them, without any management, were even willing to bet everything on the next game.

However, as the next game would take a few days to happen, the emotion subsided. Thus, the chance of the bettor not trying to recover the red with all in was great. So the houses put pressure on the organizers of English football to have at least one match on Mondays. It was a golden chance for many people to move all in – and for houses to earn more and more. So it is worth repeating: not having bankroll management is an excellent way to make money for bookmakers.


Nicholas Jansen