What You Need to Know When Calculating Deck Cost

What You Need to Know When Calculating Deck Cost

If you want a new deck for your home, you must think about how the deck will contribute to your backyard’s usefulness, your home’s value, and your family’s budget. Total deck cost will include both the installation and maintenance. However, by carefully balancing quality materials and regular maintenance, you can get a long life from a great-looking deck while saving money on the project.

Deck Size

Perhaps one of the biggest indicators of the total cost of your deck is its size. Generally, projects break down the deck cost into price per square foot for materials and installation. Therefore, larger decks will cost more than smaller ones when using the same materials.

The deck’s height is another component of its size that you must consider. Taller decks require more material for framing and support than shorter decks. Consequently, the higher your deck is from the ground, the more you will spend for it.

If you have a budget but still want a larger deck, consider using wood for the construction. You can still get a stunning deck that gives you and your family a place to relax at a fraction of the cost of alternative materials such as synthetics.


The materials will also contribute to the overall cost. If you want to build a deck for the lowest price possible, consider pressure-treated wood. The next woods in cost are cedar, redwood, and exotic hardwoods. Compared to cedar, pressure-treated wood is only half the cost. Redwood decking may cost up to three times more than pressure-treated wood. However, exotic hardwoods may cost up to five times per square foot and require longer installation times than pressure-treated woods. The priciest hardwoods, though, may last up to 50 years.

If instead of wood, you may consider synthetic decking as an alternative. Though this type of decking does not require maintenance, it can cost four times the price of pressure-treated wood. In some cases, choosing the latter and pairing it with regular maintenance may be a more budget-friendly choice.

Professional Installation vs. DIY

Having a professional install your deck ensures the best results and the fastest time. However, you will pay for these conveniences. Your new deck may cost double by having an expert install it, but if you don’t feel confident in your DIY capabilities, hiring a professional will be your best option.

The same principle holds for choosing a professional service over DIY for waterproofing your deck. Professionals have access to high-quality products and equipment to get the job done properly the first time, and these experts will often cover their work with a warranty. You cannot get these benefits from doing the job yourself.


Maintenance costs should also factor in when you plan on the type of deck that you want. Most woods require sanding and waterproofing to ensure their longevity and beauty. Plan for these chores annually over the life of your deck to calculate the true cost of ownership.

Consider All Factors When Planning a New Deck

When planning a new deck for your home, don’t forget to consider installation and maintenance in your calculations for the total deck cost. By looking at all aspects of installing and owning a deck, you will have a better idea of what you should budget for the project.






Edward Powell