Which one is the best e-commerce platform?

Which one is the best e-commerce platform?

If you are an entrepreneur and want to build your online store, you must be wondering which platform to choose to build your store on.  With so many options available in the market, it is really difficult to understand which platform will suit your business needs.

To help you out with this, I shall give you a brief review of two such E-Commerce platforms, that I have picked out from a list of many.  I am about to give you a brief idea about Wix and Weebly, both being E-Commerce platforms that allow you to build your online stores on them.

When you think of building your Store online or creating your website, the first thing that you have to look for is how easy the platform is to handle.  You should be looking for platforms that allow you to build your website even if you do not knowto code or have any technical experience in building websites.

This Wix vs Weebly shall give you the inside on the features and functionalities of both the platforms. 

  • Themes to choose from– Wix offers around 300 plus themes to choose from for building your site.  On the other hand, Weebly offers around 70 plus themes.  However, Weebly themes are easy to handle and make changes. Wixalso allows plenty of options to change the theme setting and add multiple icons and text- based on the requirement of your products.  However, while making changes on Wix you have to make sure to do them on a single theme, or else the changes do not get saved.  interchanging themes in Wix is difficult as you have to make the changes from scratch with the new theme.
  • Backend editor– both Wix vs Weebly make the changes in its themes with the help of the backend editor.  Whereas in Wix, the backend editor is unstructured and allows making changes anywhere on the page, the back and editor of Weebly is fairly structure and allows only fixed format changes on the web pages. TheWix Vs Weebly comparison, suggests that this difference in feature affects the mobile customization of the sites. In Wix, the edit is done in an unstructured manner, it does not work very well with mobile applications.  changes have to be made both on the websites reflected on personal computers and in the mobile versions. 

The backend editor of Weebly is structured, you need not make the changes multiple times.  The changes once made works perfectly well for personal computers as well as mobiles.

However, both Wix and Weebly offer free themes as well, which allows you to build your custom site.  The free themes insert advertisements for the platforms along with the content, that might interfere with the working of your site. 

There are sheep monthly plans available, that can be used to make small to medium size stores with limited product variance.  However, if you are looking to build a large store with a huge product catalog, then you might have to use the themes that are meant to handle larger stores.




Edward Powell