Why do I need a real estate agent to buy new construction in Scottsdale?

Why do I need a real estate agent to buy new construction in Scottsdale?

Choose a new construction in Scottsdale, AZ, if you love the idea of staying in a place that has not been used by anyone else yet. It makes the place more desirable because you will be the first person to live here. The distinct fragrance of newness fills you with a unique pleasure and joy.

But, there are pros too. From choosing the baseboards to fitting the smartest appliances, everything has to be your choice. You need to decide practically every last detail, all on your own.

However, every builder has different policies and offer varied options. They have varying years of experience too. All of this can make your life a bit more challenging and difficult than going in for ordinarily if you go ahead with an existing home. While you need to make sure that you choose a reliable and quality home builder, it is equally important to choose a realtor who can be there by your side from scratch till the end.

Why do I need a real estate agent to buy new construction in Scottsdale?

A real estate agent in Scottsdale needs to be involved right from the moment you go in for the first time to look at the property. It is an essential step in the process because all formalities that make the agent your official representative is done during this first step. So, the agent should be part of your team at the very first instance itself.

It would be best if you had a professional agent representing you because a real estate agent will represent the builder. This entity is responsible for protecting the builder’s rights and interests.

Being paid by the builder, their hardcore efforts will all be oriented towards ensuring that their relationship with the builder is picture-perfect. And as hunky-dory as possible! Towards this end, your real estate agent will make sure that they take care of your interest and protect your rights, all through the deal.

Also, like in other cases, your agent will take care of your budget and costs. It is their responsibility through issues like delays in the project or ensuring that the work is happening as per the schedule and other aspects. One crucial part is the contract.

A buyer of new construction in Scottsdale typically will not have many ideas about the papers and the terms mentioned therein. A real estate agent working on your behalf will have the expertise to understand if the terms are fair or more builder-friendly. They can then refer you to a reliable attorney so that the lawyer’s office legally verifies the papers before it is signed.

In case there are issues, the agent will speak to the builder directly or with their agent to sort things out and get better clarity. Being an expert in the real estate domain, he will help you work out a deal that works in your favor and prevent you from accepting unfair and irregular terms and conditions of the builder.

David Lockhart