Why educating a girl child is important?

Why educating a girl child is important?

Before I get into the article, I pray to god that this question should fade away soon. This question will never arise when there is no division between humans.

Life of every living kind is precious. Each has love, aspirations and relationships. Every living kind strives to live. Our planet should never be a place of competition, violence or any other agony experiencing the place. Earth is fertile. It has everything to nurture each and every living kind. It has the complete potential to give life to anything.

Earth should be ripe enough, to accept all sort of genders and be gender-sensitive, appreciate differences, respect differences, and provide everything for living. Actually, the earth does it, it is human who denies the same. So we will now get back to the question, why educating a girl child is important?

Educating a girl child completely

Educating a girl is important as it gives a Universal development. It brings in skills and knowledge. A formal education which includes school, college, professional or technical education, vocational education, and health education plays a vital role. So this doesn’t mean only literary education is needed. Non-literary education should also be given to the girls.

Importance of educating a girl child

Educating the girl child will bring remarkable socio-economic changes. Our constitution guarantees equal rights to both men and women. However, there are still places where this has been only in letter and not in spirit. There is a need to protect women for a Sustainable Society. 

And for these educating girls is not the only want. The whole society has to be educated in knowing the role of each and everybody. It should know the importance of every gender on the planet. Government has taken many initiatives to protect girls rights to provide them with education. Many non-government organisations are also lending help to strengthen girls education.

Answer to the question

Economic growth – There is an answer given by most of us, without any thought. “What is your mother? My mother is just at home”. This is such a painful answer. It turns a lot of disrespect for the soul who is living just to make our lives comfortable.

However, girls education will empower them and enable them to have a mark in all the fields. It is already proven that girls have better managerial capabilities than boys. It is important for any growing Nation to make use of it.

Economic empowerment- Women started to come out and work only when they face humiliation and harassment. They had to depend on men for their financial needs. This denies independence. Independence gives empowerment. Thus educating a girl to become financially independent is very important.

Identity – Identity is a matter of self-respect and education gives it. Education helps improvement and provides a good life. With the help of it, girls can earn the identity in society

Health improvement – Only education can make girls know about the importance of hygiene and health. Even today there are countries where mortality rates of pregnant women are high. They have to know about prenatal and postnatal care to maintain their health.

Educating the girl child is not a humble or a great thought. It is the need. It is justice which when denied, will tarnish earth’s well- being.


Edward Powell