Why is an automated optical inspection necessary?

Why is an automated optical inspection necessary?

Automated optical inspection (AOI) is the visual inspection of a printed circuit board or LCD. In this, a camera scans the device under a test for both conditions of quality defects (defect in size or shape et cetera and catastrophic failures (like a component missing). This method is used in the manufacturing process as this method works via a non-contact test method basis. Automated optical inspection is implemented in many stages throughout the manufacturing process so that the manufactured product is perfect. 

The typical stages at which AOI is conducted are

  • Bare board inspection
  • Solder paste inspection
  • Pre-flow
  • Post-flow
  • Any other stage at which doubt arises.

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The entire purpose of conducting an AOI is to make sure that the company is providing shoulder joint inspection and a hundred percent visible components. This method has been used to test Printed circuit boards (PCB) for decades now.

 Suppose your PCB design is correct. If you assemble the right parts at the right place, your product should work. When production starts, you will have to put a lot of focus on detecting and correcting any of the manufacturing defects which may arise.

 If you choose to go for AOI, you will be able to measure as well as monitor the quality of the PCB production. In case any issue or defect arises at any strategic point in the workflow, it can be corrected. Automated optical inspection can also be referred to as an equality gate for the PCB. This will give peace of mind to both the manufacturing company as well as the EMS partner.

Most often, PCB is considered as the brain of the product. Therefore, it is a critical component that needs to be manufactured precisely and with figures design requirements.  

Defects detected by AOI

The sooner the problems are identified, the easier it is to optimize the product for the final production to match the requirements without any issues. The AOI technology is used to check the following:

  • Open circuit, shorts, or thinning of the solder
  • Insufficient paste area, bridging, and smearing
  • Presence of nodules, scratches, or stains
  • Incorrect, missing, or skewed components
  • Line width violations etc.

Defects in waveforms in PCB can also be detected by an LCR meter. This is test equipment that measures the capacitance, resistance, and inductance of an electronic item. In the simpler versions of the LCR meter, the impedance was measured internally and then converted to capacitance or inductance values. If you want to purchase an LCR meter for your company, you should go for LCR meter Malaysia. MTSC solutions is a company that is proud to help its customers optimize their manufacturing test solutions. They ensure ROI in purchases as well as help liquidate the unused excess.

David Lockhart