Why wall to wall carpets are still popular

Why wall to wall carpets are still popular

Wall to wall carpets is also known as fitted carpets. It can cover the space with a single or few pieces of carpet. This ultimately gives a very fine and attractive look to the floor of the room. Wall to wall flooring is the best option for large floor surfaces. There is a wide variety of carpets present. It varies in fiber type, construction, price and their backing options. These carpets are best for every type of project whether it is small or big. It is versatile in style. It provides freedom for custom designs with plushness. These carpets create an acoustic environment in your room or home.


This carpet’s durability depends upon the fiber types used in carpet. Better quality fiber can last for a long time whereas cheap quality fiber will last for small-time. Durable carpet is available in fewer prices, so it is still popular. People still give preference to wall to wall carpet over carpet tiles.

Luxury choice

If you want to choose a custom design then, Wall to wall carpeting is the best option because it is versatile in style, quality and design. It is the best option if you want a patterned carpet. It gives superior underfoot feel while this feeling cannot be felt on carpet tiles. Some carpets are available with already backings but some are not available, they need to be glued at the space of flooring.

Time consuming installation

When you install the carpet, you need to plan because it is time demanding and produces much waste. Set the time before you install and take accurate measurements so that cutting of rolls do not waste much.

Designing of wall to wall carpet

You can design your carpet as you wish. It may be tufted, woven or needle punched. Its piling can also be chosen. Wall to wall carpets provide comfort, warmth and variety in colors.

Versatility in fibers type

Wool– It is incredibly luxurious and natural fiber. It is a soft, stain resistant and comfortable fiber type.

Olefin– synthetic fiber, highly resistant to fading but not much durable.

Nylon– it is a costly option. It is durable and comfortable in nature. Its sharper and glossier finishing is the identity of this fiber.

Polyester– less expensive option but it was not durable much in start. The manufacturers have increased its durability to an extent.

Recycled material

This is the most popular choice of today because this is a durable, sustainable and attractive option. It comes in mid-ranges of price. Recycled material included old fishing nets or other nylon waste.


When the clients request for sustainability in carpets, then architects and designers suggest for wall to wall carpets. This adds style in your home or room decor.

Easy to maintain

It is easy to maintain the carpet. Vacuuming this carpet regularly makes it easy to keep the carpet clean. Spillage can be treated with mild detergent followed by absorbing spillage by paper towel. These carpets can easily dry or wet clean to make them free of germs. You can use antibacterial powders to clean it.


You can choose or design the pattern of carpet, whatever you want. You can choose the color of your taste. You can choose a darker color for your entryways and light colors for your bedrooms or living rooms. You can choose central patterned carpets for your living rooms or office areas. This is the most important reason for its popularity.


It can be used as a central rug according to the pattern by cutting its small pieces, which is partial coverage. To completely cover the flooring area it needs small cutting to adjust it in edges and corners. This flexibility is the reason for its popularity.

Adjust with lifestyle

It is compatible with every type of lifestyle. If you are keeping kids and pets with you, it can easily withstand heavy wear and tear. It is a very good choice for high foot traffic. It can be cleaned easily by running vacuum regularly.

Efficiency in cost

Its price is also affordable that is why it is still popular than other options.

All these points highlight the importance and popularity of wall to wall carpets. People still prefer wall to wall carpeting to their floors because it can withstand better with the environmental conditions of the flooring space.


Bonnie Baldwin