Why You Need A Wireless Vibration Sensor In Your Factory

Why You Need A Wireless Vibration Sensor In Your Factory

Most businesses have suffered due to machine breakdown from time to time. And in some cases, it causes such a big setback making them lose a lot of business. And if not dealt with soon enough, it may even cause the company to go down the drain. And this is not what you want for your business. Well, taking a step back, frequent checks of the machines had to be done regularly to be sure that they are in perfect condition. However, things have now changed, keeping in mind that we are now living in a digital era. Every business that relies on rotating machines in its operations needs to have wireless vibration sensors installed. And it is all to their advantage.

In this article, we will enlighten you more on why you should get the wireless motion sensors installed on your machines ASAP:

  1. It has made the monitoring process easier

Part of machine maintenance includes screening the machines regularly. And as mentioned above, this process was quite daunting before wireless vibration sensors were introduced. A wireless vibration sensor collects all the machine data, including the machine’s speeds, and instantly sends a push notification. And the good thing is that the data can directly be displayed on your laptop or even your phone when the configuration has been set up. More so, you do not have to be on the premises for you to monitor your machine; you can monitor it 24/7 from wherever you are. This, in turn, enables you to be aware of your machine’s health all the time, and this leads us to our next point, early detection of machine issues.

  1. Early detection

One of the things that cause a machine to breakdown is the fact that the underlying problems are realized too late. But if you have the motion sensor, you will be able to notice any defect as soon as it occurs, or before it even causes a serious problem. Remember, the data that you receive from the sensor is in real-time, meaning that any vibration changes imply something. In cases where there is an issue, it can get to be fixed fast before it leads to other serious issues or even the breakdown of the machine.

  1. Fast installation

You do not need a whole day set aside for the installation of the vibration sensors. In fact, the installation process, in most cases, takes very little time. What is done during the installation process is setting up the sensor, keying in the right frequency settings, and lastly, the configuration of the sensor to your gadgets. And this is all done by a professional who knows how the sensors work and has experience in the installation process. Some tests are also done during the installation process to be sure that the sensor works as expected. So much so, most of the sensors come with a warranty, meaning that in case of any default, you can always consult the company for repair or replacement.

  1. It is cost-effective

The fact that you can be able to detect any defects early enough means that you will not have to incur any repair costs later. Secondly, you would have saved on costs of hiring a fulltime maintenance specialist keeping in mind that the sensor makes the monitoring process easier.

David Lockhart