Why You Should Have Signed Celebrity Collectibles of What You Love

Why You Should Have Signed Celebrity Collectibles of What You Love


Consider your favorite movie, television show, musician, or athlete. Celebrity performances, works of art, and great athletes, we hold close to our hearts. They’re both part of our wider cultural canon and deeply personal to us. There’s a reason we can be moved to tears by the greatest moments in sports history, or by performances by the most famous California celebrities. Our taste in music, in media, and in what sports we like to watch informs our personalities and our world views. Remember what it was like, the first time you heard your favorite band? Magic happened.

Sometimes, we just want a way to hold onto a bit of that magic. What better way than to have a piece of what you love: a collectible item signed by your favorite celebrity. Celebrities, from California to the East Coast, all sign collectible memorabilia from their works, whether its players signing baseball cards or musicians signing their albums.

Having a signed collectible from your favorite celebrity is like having a tangible piece of what you love. You can’t grab onto a moment in sports, but you can hold a signed Spalding baseball or an Oakland Athletics jersey from California. Or maybe you love folk music, and Willie Nelson soothes your soul– his music may move you, but you can tangibly feel his signed guitar strap in your hand while you listen.

We make sense of our lives through experiences and through the things we choose to keep. So keep something that matters to you. A signed collectible from your favorite celebrity shouldn’t just be viewed as an investment– it should be viewed as a purchase toward your happiness. Frequently, signed celebrity collectibles do increase in value with time, so if you are concerned about spending the money for such an item, you may end up with a return on that investment. California is a particularly good market for purchasing these items. However, investment should not be the primary reason for your purchase. Make the purchase because it makes you happy, and it connects you to whatever feeling that celebrity or that moment gives you.

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Edward Powell