10 Destinations You Must Visit in Banyuwangi

10 Destinations You Must Visit in Banyuwangi

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Banyuwangi is a region in the eastern end of Java Island, Indonesia. It contains a port that connects Java and Bali. The name Banyuwangi came from the Javanese of “fragrant water.”Each year the regency brings 1.5 million local tourists and 30,000 overseas visitors to explore the region.

Listed below is a listing of the top 10 must-visit locations in Banyuwangi:

  1. Ijen Crater

Ijen Crater sits at an elevation of 2,368 meters above sea level. Exactly what the place is the most famous for is a natural phenomenon called “blue flame” that flows down the mountain at night.

  1. G-Land Beach

Also called Plengkung Beach, G-Land is extremely popular with overseas and local surfers. Even this Banyuwangi beach has been dubbed as “The Seven Giant Waves Wonder” by the surfers for the legendary seven rolls waves, which can reach up to 6 meters high.  The waves are also thought to be the second greatest after Hawaii. If you are a surfer and curious to feel the wave, you must schedule your trip between July and September.

  1. Lider Waterfall

Aside from the primary waterfall, you will find just four small waterfalls. Lider Waterfall is also said to be the very best and greatest waterfall in Banyuwangi regency.

  1. Red Island Beach

The title Red Island Beach really comes out of a mountain not far from the coast that’s covered with red soil. You are able to walk up to the mountain during low tide. It’s covered with trees but reveals its reddish color at dusk. Another tourist attraction close to this place would be the Tawang Alun Temple. Hindu men and women who reside around Red Island Beach utilize this temple for ritual processions. Some activities which you can do are surfing and photography.

  1. Osing Tourist Village

As a cultural heritage conservation website, the villagers still utilize the Osing dialect to communicate. When seeing this region, you’ll also find traditional homes which have been there for centuries. One is usually employed as a location for performances like the Gandrung dancing, Angklung Paglaki, Barong Kemiren, and Othek.

  1. Sritanjung Park

Sritanjung Park is situated in the middle of all of Banyuwangi city. The title Sritanjung comes from the folktale that tells how Banyuwangi has been shaped. The playground is often employed as a recreational centre for the taxpayers of Banyuwangi. Folks from all ages come to unwind and revel in the view, though some may be occupied with social media because the location offers Wi-Fi.

  1. Green Bay

After 3-4 hours driving from Banyuwangi, you will arrive at Green bay, a lesser known for the amazing sea view and fresh air from Meru Betiri National Park.

  1. Kaliklatak Plantation

Kaliklatak Plantation was possessed by the Dutch under Mij Moorman & Co. before it had been passed over to an undercover agent called R. Soehoed Prawiroatmodjo. It is located  450 meters above sea level, which provides some products, such as rubber, fruits, spices, chocolate, and coffee. Every year on April 17, the Kaliklatak workers will give thanks ritual to God for the Earth gifts.

  1. Rajegwesi Beach

Rajegwesi Beach at Sarongan Village, Pesanggaran district, is popular for its exceptional chocolate-colored sand made by muddy sediment due to river flooding.

  1. Watu Dodol Beach

The beach’s location is marked with a massive chunk of stone between the road and the Gandrung Statue. The beach is just 2 km from Ketapang Harbor, letting you observe ferries traveling involving Ketapang and Banyuwangi. You might even decide to go sightseeing out of a mountain situated close to the shore.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas, and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Banyuwangi by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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