10 Fun Activities to Do in Banyuwangi, East Java

10 Fun Activities to Do in Banyuwangi, East Java

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It may be a tiny coastal city, but Banyuwangi in Java’s East is a gorgeous little place. If you’re in West Bali, it is simple to reach it through the little bridge linking Bali and Java. Following is a quick guide to get a day visit to Banyuwangi, Java.

  1. Volcano Hiking

A huge specimen is Mount Raung using its 3282 meters.

Do you want to observe a blue fire steaming out of a volcano in the night? The fire can be up to 5 meters and is also due to the sulfuric gases in the volcano’s interior. It certainly deserves to be the best spot for draws in Banyuwangi.

  1. Beach Vibing

You can not travel across the shore of Java without quitting. Fortunately, Banyuwangi has these attractions galore, with a lot of its shores largely untouched.

Aside from the normal sunbathing and swimming pool, you may even enjoy the waves and go browsing. Notably, the seven roles of waves in Plengkung shore (also called G Land) are a fantasy come true for surfers. They are sometimes multiple meters high, and that means you indeed must be a specialist.

When you need to experience the black Mountains, reach up to the Grajagan shore. You might even get to watch local fishers out at sea.

  1. Island Hopping

If you’re staying overnight, why not hit some of those nearby islands? One of the favorites is Tabuhan Island or the Red Island (Pulau merah), which offers beautiful red sandy beaches.

  1. Attending Festivals

Did you know the tiny city has its festival? The Banyuwangi Festival contains ten festivals that are staged during the year and exhibit an intriguing mixture of local culture and contemporary music.

In October, it is possible to browse and listen to Jazz music. And for your Rainbow Festival at the close of the calendar year, you may get knowledgeable about the culture.

  1. Exploring the National Park

As an example, you can visit Baluran National Park at Situbondo Regency. The weather here is quite dry and you may therefore observe a savannah, mangroves and lowland woods.

It lies approximately 80km South of Banyuwangi and stretches across the peninsula Blambangan. It is particularly famous for its waterfalls and beaches.

  1. Visit a Tourism Village

The title makes it quite obvious: Osing Kemiren Village is created for vacationers and invites its guests about a cultural trip.

It is ideal to see during carnival or other exceptional events to see it come to life truly. It is then you can respect the beautifully intricate and vibrant costumes and masks of this Osing tribe. Try out the superb coffee, also!

The history of these Osing individuals (also called Wong Osing) is quite intriguing. They’re incredibly meticulous and proud in maintaining old customs and customs.

It is very centrally situated and will provide you cultural, historical, and religious insights into the culture that is treasured. An exceptional gift in this village would be the batik technique, which has been created over centuries.

  1. Stop by the Harbour

It is not just a harbour, because the view is quite outstanding. (Bring your camera) On a transparent day, you can see the magnificent hills rising from the distance.

  1. Kalibendo

Fancy seeing a gorgeous waterfall? Scoot into Kalibendo. Just know you will need to brave the irregular jungle paths, which means you need to be convinced on a scooter or arrange a local motorist.

The entry fee is 5000 IDR per individual (0.32 EUR/0.36 USD), and you will have to explore the jungle with two broad rivers flowing throughout the region. It is best for those who come here during the rainy season since the waterfall remains complete, but the path is not bombarded anymore.

  1. Drink Coffee

Apart from rice terraces, it’s also advisable to schedule a trip to a coffee farm. One of them is Kampong Kopi Lerek Gombengsari, which is located at the base of Ijen mountain.

Initially, the Dutch had the Kaliklatak plantations nearby looked after; however, the ancestors of this Gombengsari village began their own later.

  1. Eat Local Dish

You can not visit Indonesia (or should not) without attempting the local cuisine. A good deal of its rice-based and fried. When you feel cold, try the rujak soto, a spicy soup made of beef tripe, peanut sauce, shrimp paste, and vegetables.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts, or urban attractions, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Banyuwangi by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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