10 Interesting Things You Must Try in Lombok Island

10 Interesting Things You Must Try in Lombok Island

Often Inspired by Bali, Lombok attracts its natural wonders, untouched scenery, and unparalleled waves for travelers to encounter. Past the popular tourist paths, we have compiled ten great things to do in Lombok, which will shake your bucket listing and generate a visit to remember.

  1. Bukit Selong Rice Fields Viewpoint

The view in the Bukit Selong Rice Fields Viewpoint consists of lush tanks lined side by side, just like a patchwork quilt. Here you will also discover a wooden celebrity platform that’s been created particularly for photographs. Arrive before sunrise to create the most of the perspective, and observe the colors reflect from the skies onto the plants, shifting the landscape.

  1. Paragliding from Prabu Hill

Experience the perspective from over and proceed paragliding away Prabu Hill. Feel the end lift you, and as soon as you’re drifting away, you will quickly realize your paragliding is genuinely a relaxing action. You’ll be connected to an expert manual working at a tap, doing the challenging work for you. Hop on and off and enjoy views of the sparkling water along with the intricate coral reef designs below.

  1. Learn More about the lesser-known islands

Surrounding Lombok is a lot of beautiful, distant islands composed of those white sandy shores and complicated coral lifestyles. These islands provide awareness towards that which the Gili Islands were originally enjoyed, prior tourism. The sand and crystal clear water make it the ideal place to unwind, without many individuals’ insight.

  1. See Lombok Handicraft Centre

The option of stores in the Handicraft Centre will abandon you researching Lombok’s most beautiful crafts, ceramics, and fabrics. Wander through to get a choice of memorabilia to take home, or collectors things to remain forever. To bring to the current marketplace, keep an eye out for your ‘Handicraft’ signal repaint within the narrow street.

  1. Shop with the natives at Pasar Mandalika

Place into the side of this Mandalika Bus Terminal, the Pasar Mandalika marketplace is home to some tasty collection of sugars, spices, fruit and veggies, fish, and handicrafts. It caters mainly to locals, and the rates are the cheapest you will see in Lombok.

  1. Establish camp Pergasingan Hill

Organize a trip to set up camp around Pergasingan Hill. It’s merely a brief hike up the mountain and based upon the tour you choose, and porters will deliver your kayak, water, food, and gear. You’ll be asked to take your day luggage. You will find luxury camping alternatives, and you’re going to complete the night with a bonfire, a more relaxed approach to finish the day.

  1. Seger Beach

Close to the famous Kuta Beach is Seger Beach, a far quieter alternative and the perfect place to unwind and drink coconuts daily. From the shore, you will also get access to a viewpoint looking on the water too.

  1. Pasar Cakranegara

A contemporary spin on a conventional fashion marketplace, Pasar Cakrangara is currently at Mataram and provides a mixture of stalls to relish.

  1. Diving and snorkeling

Many components of Lombok bring mild currents, which makes it ideal for snorkeling and exploring the superb visibility from water. The wide range of tropical fish and turtles drifting around make Lombok a fantastic diving destination. Kuta Beach also introduces an option of snorkeling choices, in addition to the Gili Islands.

  1. Get close up with all the underwater sculptures

Surrounding the Gili Islands’ shore are unbelievable life-size amounts; originally placed underwater to develop an artificial land. Produced by Jason deCaires Taylor, these sculptures have generated the scene and therefore are excellent to snorkel beyond to encounter up close.

  1. Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep Waterfall

After you’ve experienced the sunrise from Bukit Selong rice fields, continue on the road to Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep Waterfalls. Both waterfalls follow the same trail and are an attractive way to spend daily.

Before you plan a trip to Lombok, be sure to read more about Lombok and Indonesia by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

Clare Louise