5 Evolving Trends in Retail Banking Operations

5 Evolving Trends in Retail Banking Operations

Today’s technological advancements have allowed banks to innovate their existing processes in the bid to meet their customers’ growing expectations. A large number of major banks today are exploring the prospects of artificial intelligence and machine learning for creating a seamless experience across a number of bank-customer interactions. With an eye on the future, here are 5 evolving trends that are changing the operations in the retail banking sector.

1. Collaboration With FinTechs For Exploring Point-of-Sale Financing

Today’s consumers want greater flexibility than what they get with conventional credit purchases and point-of-sale financing makes it all possible.

The point-of-sale financing that offers short-term consumer loans is actually shifting millennials from using traditional loans and credit cards today. The old conventional processes required a lot of paperwork, additional fees, and time for getting a loan approval while execution-driven PoS financing helps customers ditch all that.

FinTechs have identified that PoS financing could better meet the needs of today’s shoppers giving them a digital user experience. They are now devising new innovative and hassle-free ways to serve bank customers and banks are collaborating with them to use this tech-driven system.

With a huge market potential – estimated currently at US$391 billion – PoS financing is getting traction among online shoppers. It’s inevitable for the banks to tap into the growing market and they’ve already started following this new trend in retail banking operations.

2. Real-Time Financial Products

Banks as well as consumers are today looking for products and services that offer real-time interaction. With this development, real-time payments are becoming a norm in the retail banking sector. Things are now actually starting to shift from how a real-time experience could be set up to what banks might do to stay competitive in this area and attract more clients.

3. Use of AI For More Seamless Customer Onboarding

More and more retail banks are now leveraging AI to enhance their retail banking operations involving customer interactions and onboarding. The traditional onboarding processes usually involved several departments and required a lot of time to complete, making the process unnecessarily complicated. Faster, more efficient onboarding experiences in today’s marketplace have certainly changed the expectations of the customers and the banks are responding positively to this change.

4. Voice Banking And Intelligent Assistants

With consumers rapidly adopting digital and voice assistants, it has now become imperative for banks to take the implementation of these services seriously. Some major banks have already invested in voice banking and digital assistants and the trend is expected to take off this year.

5. Technology Innovation Driving Risk-Compliance Initiatives

With the latest innovations in technology, banks are now able to meet the regulatory requirements. As a result, they are able to get a serious competitive edge and deliver more customer-centric solutions. With all the banking functions getting digitized, there’s been an out-of-control growth of data when it comes to sophistication and volume and it has pushed the traditional systems beyond their limit. And, the expectations of transparency are growing among the banks and their regulatory bodies, fueling the need for modernizing their outdated compliance and risk management systems. So, risk management procedures have already started to leverage modern technologies like AI to crack down on unethical transactions, digital tax collection, fraud detection, etc.

The retail banking sector has already started transforming its operations to make them more aligned with the needs and expectations of the modern-day customer. As a result, these top five trends have become quite evident and more and more retail banks are starting to follow them today. visit the website to learn more

Edward Powell