5 things to know to succeed as a fashion stylist

5 things to know to succeed as a fashion stylist

We would have noticed that there are many actors, politicians, and business executives who are looking acutely professional and sharper, to which they have a big secret that is to their professional fashion stylist who compiled their wardrobe in the most appropriate way possible. If we are confident enough and surmise that we have an eye for making other people look great, then we can start pursuing a career in the fashion industry fashion stylish.

What Is a Fashion Stylist?

We can a fashion stylist is a professional individual who assists and coordinate with all attributes of a person’s visual aesthetic to help them appear more appealing and fashionable as much as possible.

As a fashion stylist, they get to work with a wide range of people in the industry. where they can work with people who are renowned such as movie stars’ actresses and politicians or they get to work simply with the people who want to look their best. For instances, we look Sammie Moussallam Who is a stylist and designer in Toronto for the past seven years. Sammy Moussallam stories have been published in the hottest magazines including Zink Magazine, Dress to Kill, Spade, Fantastikmag, and many more. He has also worked with many high profile photographers such as Josh Cornell, and David Ho for collaborations with BCBG, HerveLege, Nine West, and Dean Davidson.

As Thomas Fuller an English churchman and historian truly remarked,”Good clothes open all doors” So as to open doors for others here are 5 Things to know to succeed as a fashion stylist.

Develop strong networking skills:

As a stylist, we should have a strong client base and a robust network with all the fellow designers in the industry. Industry event gives us a great opportunity to build our valuable connections. We cannot afford to fall behind as it can be hard to catch up.

Don’t be shy:

In order to succeed we should not shun away and shy away from indulging in a little self-promotion. Apart from that, we should try to get invited to various parties or lunches. And another important thing, we should not shy away from asking our successful mentors for referring and recommending us whilst we are building our business.

Experience is more important than a diploma:

Some may have a degree in bachelor’s or even master’s in fashion and designing, but some of the most famous fashion stylists do not rely upon these degrees and formal education but sheer years of experience in the industry which opened for the many more doors than any diploma or degree could have opened.

Stay up to date:

This is a very fast-moving industry with trends changing at the drop of a hat, we cannot afford to left behind and lag in our fashion quotient. Hence we should attend lots of fashion shows and events and always have eye ahead of time, for what’s going to be the next wave of a trend taking over this industry.

Love & passion for your work:

An artist is known for its passion and love for its work. How he/she puts in a part of themselves into their creation with dedication and hard work. Hence we as an artist should also strive to the same.

David Lockhart