5 Ways To Extend Condolences To People Who Lost Their Loved Ones To COVID-19

5 Ways To Extend Condolences To People Who Lost Their Loved Ones To COVID-19

Being able to physically honor loved ones who have passed—whether by visiting their remains or offering a service—is an important part of grieving and moving on. Unfortunately, this practice has been upended by COVID-19. This is ironic, considering the number of those who have died because of the pandemic. Gatherings are often restricted in many places around the world due to health restrictions, making funeral services to honor the dead almost impossible.

But this does not mean you can honor those who have passed away, offer sympathies, and provide emotional support to those who have lost loved ones. Despite the pandemic, there are many creative ways you can offer your condolence from a distance—from online greetings to memorial lanterns:

1. Offer flowers or meals to show you care: In cases when you cannot physically extend your condolences, you can show you care by having flowers delivered. This is a time-honored tradition, a good way of showing they are in your thoughts. You can also choose the more practical route by sending food or meals; check the restaurants in your area to see which ones offer delivery service. Whichever way you prefer, it will surely be appreciated.

2. Send a sympathy card: Another common practice, sending a sympathy card to those left behind is a great way of showing your sympathies. Of course, it goes without saying that you should be mindful of your message and words here—you do not want to be offensive or unintentionally hurtful while giving your condolences. Express regret for not being physically present for them. A sincere message can do wonders for the grieving soul. Consider sending the card with memorial lanterns or flowers as well.

3. Give a call: A simple call can do the job as well—a good way of allowing those who are grieving to talk their heartache over losing someone due to COVID-19 out. These are cruel, interesting times, after all. The pain of losing someone because of the pandemic is definitely overwhelming, unlike anything anyone has ever felt. A listening ear can cure the grief if only for a while.

4. Donation: Giving a donation is a thoughtful way of expressing your sympathies, especially during these trying times. Give the donation in the name of the deceased, a practical and thoughtful way of honoring them. It is a plus that your gift of condolences will help other people as well. You can choose to give the donation to an organization related to COVID-19. Or, perhaps even more thoughtful, choose a group close to the interests and advocacy of the deceased (or the family of the deceased).

5. Thoughtful gifts like memorial lanterns: A memorial lantern is a classy, sensitive, and thoughtful way of showing you care. It is a very versatile gift, due to the many available designs that can fit the situation and the specific message you want to convey—you can even create one with a personalized message. Since memorial lanterns are also traditional gifts for those who are grieving, it is a great way of expressing your condolences.

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Bonnie Baldwin