A Complete Guide to Microblading

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There is a perfect solution to anyone who is interested in having full, beautiful and arched eyebrows without using a spot of makeup. This can be a wonderful thing for those ladies who lack naturally full looking eyebrows, or those who have lost eyebrows due to natural factors such as aging or physical actions like plucking. Regardless, the result is the same: narrow and thin eyebrows that are anything but pleasing.

Ladies of the world have used a plethora of techniques to solve this problem. The most common are penciling in eyebrows or the more permanent look of tattooing. There is another solution. That is microblading in Los Angeles.

Microblading provides extra look and fullness to what are considered ordinary looking eyebrows. The technique is semi-permanent, in that it is a tattoo procedure for reshaping or reconstruction of the brow. This technique is incredibly popular with many celebrities in and around the Los Angeles area, and it only makes sense their fans would soon follow suit.

The Technique

The technique for microblading in Los Angeles is the same no matter where it is performed. The technician uses a tool, much like a surgeon scapel, to fill in the sparse areas on the eyebrow. The tattoo ink is placed on the top layer of skin, the semi-permanency aspect, and if done correctly by a trained professional, it is virtually impossible to discern natural eyebrows versus the microblading process. The results are effective for approximately three years, but most technicians recommend touch ups every six months to a year.

Is There Pain?

Most people hear the word ‘tattoo’ and immediately think of a series of sharply pointed needles jabbing repeatedly into the skin. There is some minor discomfort associated with the procedure. Recipients report the sensation is more like a pinch than anything. There are some anesthetic creams available for those who choose to minimize the pain during the microblading in Los Angeles process.

How Long Does the Process Take?

It is a good idea to set aside a full morning or afternoon for this. The entire process can take up to three hours to do and do well. Here is a standard process:

1. The first hour is used to draw the shapes of the eyebrow for the client;
2. The next two to three hours are the tattooing process.

Be aware there are some unscrupulous locations who will promise the work done in an hour. This is not a wise decision as the work could be sloppy and ill-performed.

Your technician will provide you with instructions for aftercare of your microblading procedure.

David Lockhart