Accessories to Increase Your Business’ Security

Accessories to Increase Your Business’ Security

Your company’s safety is the number one concern for you to be investing in. Without security, a business is basically non-functional and most definitely not all that profitable, so why not allocate a small budget to take the impact of your identity card system to the next level? There are a few wonderful options that are going to kick your workplace’s safety up a notch without altering any part of your personnel’s daily routine, all at a low-cost. Your choices for identity card accessories include…

ID Badge Holders

The best place to start is with high quality, clear, flexible ID holders. These are fantastic as they are compatible with a wide range of other ID card accessories, many of which are listed here. A badge holder’s primary function is to provide a protective layer to an identity card. This protection will avoid your cards becoming damaged from daily wear and tear, spills and accidents. Identity cards will also be easier to find as they will be more physically substantial with a high-quality cover on them. A clear holder still enables a card to be scanned or ready, making it the ideal accessory to start with when you’re looking to take your ID card system to the next level.

Rigid, Multi-Card Holders

Rigid card holders provide a lot of the benefits of the above category; however, they can often stash multiple cards making them incredibly useful for workplaces that require the use of both ID and access cards. You can use rigid holders at either landscape or portrait angles for more uses if needs be.

Lapels, Clips or Pins

Lapels, clips and pins are all perfect simple solutions for identity card presentation. These will basically attach your protected IDs to your staff’s outerwear, uniform or clothing. If you always require identities or qualifications to be on display, then these are definitely ideal. Lapels, clips or pins will also be best for those on an incredibly tight budget as they are very low-cost. If your building requires the scanning or reading or identity cards, then these won’t work for you.

Retractable Badge Reels

Retractable badge reels provide ultimate mobility and useability in high pressure, fast-moving work environments. The quick snap technology of a reel allows an ID card to be presented, scanned or read in a matter of seconds. This lets the user grab their card and let it fall back in place in one swift movement, making reels ideal for environments such as hospitals. A badge reel is also great if you want a solution to all day ID card presentation buildings that also require cards to be scanned.


Lanyards are great for presenting and accessing identity cards at hours of the day when they are needed. Your employees will have their identities scanned and on display during commute hours or lunch breaks and can easily remove their lanyards and tuck their cards away when not needed or in use. Lanyards are perfect for minimising misplaced cards as they make them incredibly accessible. You can also use this accessory to introduce some visual organisation and clarity to your office building, with stamped terms such as “staff” “visitor” and “security”, the whos-who will always be evident.

Custom Lanyards 

Custom lanyards are the ultimate ID card accessory, they’ll increase mobility, security and accessibility whilst also adding to the professionalism and branding of your company. Find a provider who can have your lanyards customised with your company colours, name or logo for an amazing impact. Your business will also experience some nifty free advertising with your employees are out and about.

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